The fragrance lines containing the gentle sweetness are the subject that makes the pink balls vibrate many times. Because, the sweet fragrance always knows how to rejuvenate the style, turning women into lovely, dreamy Muses. Therefore, in any girl’s collection, sweet and seductive perfume bottles cannot be absent. And if you are still wondering which sweet perfume bottle to choose, then with Storepc refer to the Top 4 sweet candy perfume bottles that you cannot ignore!

1. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night

Referring to Sandal By Night, surely many thoughts are captured, encapsulated in her seductive, sexy and attractive body. She is nestled in the dark night. All preconceptions about strong fragrance seem to be broken, instead of being stunned, infatuated and accepted to fall before this extremely erotic scent. Scandal By Night does not deceive, evade or puzzle anyone – real fragrance, real bold, real passionate and passionate will also be true. Covering the skin in the top layer is a thick honey scent, covering the throat and lingering in each breath. Next is the sweet scent of pure white lily. The final stop features Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk. Scandal by Night is indeed very strange, despite showing off her sensuality in a naked way, but still retains a bit of purity, caution, cleverly stimulating the curiosity of accidentally bumped eyes.

2. Carolina Herrera Good Girl

“Good Girl” is a phrase for dignified, loving girls, but unfortunately Carolina Herrera Good Girl has the complete meaning of “going against the current” with its literal meaning. The brand’s Good to be bad message has made women flutter and excited. Live “very well” according to your own ego, personality, strength, enthusiasm, dare to overcome barriers, break standards and become the most perfect being in your own way. Jasmine and Cocoa, both sweet, but they are independent, separate, not overlapping or overlapping, creating a very distinctive and attractive mark for Carolina Herrera Good Girl. Moreover, with the design in the image of high heels, sketching her portrait in pleasures, forgetting the hustle and enjoying the sublime moments. Suddenly hiding, appearing somewhere, we see the image of a Cat (Catwalk) curving her body, showing aristocratic pride.

3. Burberry Her

Burberry Her is the fragrance that urges her to join the party presented by sweet dishes, which no matter how skillful she is, she cannot avoid or refuse. The fragrance opens with a sweet and gentle taste of a fruity blend of Wild Strawberry, Strawberry, Mulberry, Black Currant, Cherry, Yellow Lemon and Sweet Orange. Surely you will be enthusiastic to taste all the aromas crystallized from pure nature. Not only that, when it comes to pink shadows, no one can forget the petals, and so is Burberry Her. When prairie flowers and jasmine flowers bloom, that’s when the feminine element brings into full play its attractiveness. Until the last moment, the enthusiasm rushes with the scent of Amber, Oak, Musk, Patchouli, Cashmeran to make her more sharp, sharp and outstanding in any space.

4. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

If your taste buds are still struggling to find a sweetness that is enough to satisfy yourself and capture the eyes of those around, surely Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy will not disappoint you. The temptation in the sweet taste of Caramel combined with candied kernels and vanilla flavor has really dominated the senses. Then you can’t stop enjoying it, sometimes you have to take a deep breath to let that beautiful scent envelop your nasal cavity, fill your chest and enjoy the charm and passion.
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