Christian Dior has long been a brand loved by fashionistas around the world. From their dresses, cosmetics, perfumes and especially bags, they always show the luxury and high status of users. And especially, Dior handbags are always the most sought-after and loved by ladies. The following are the Dior bags that are rated as the most valuable to own of all time.

Lady Dior

The bag is the pride of Dior house as well as the dream of all fashionistas in the world. With a simple rectangular design, high-quality leather sewn in cannage motifs and decorative details made of golden metal make the bag look both luxurious and sophisticated.

The bag was originally called ChouChou, introduced by Dior in 1994. During her trip in 1995, the bag was presented to the Duchess by the former First Lady of France at that time, Bernadatte Chirac. . As soon as she saw the bag, Diana was immediately captivated and since then, the frequency of people seeing the bag in the Princess’s hand has increased. She also loved Lady Dior so much that she spent a lot of time collecting all the colors of the bag. With frequent use by Diana, the bag quickly created a global fever and was sought after by all fashionistas in the world. In 1996, Dior renamed their ChouChou bag Lady Dior as an act of gratitude.

Lady D-Lite Bag

The Dior Lady D Lite bag model was launched by the French fashion house in 1995, designed quite similar to the iconic Lady Dior model. The bag is full of Dior’s features such as the cannage motif, metal keychains taken from the brand’s name letters, bags with The handle and strap are detachable, so that the owner can change it to suit their own needs and style.

In Dior’s Spring Summer 2020 collection, the D Lite bag model was released to the public with very unique and youthful designs and textures. This is a bag that is considered suitable for all ages and can be used in almost all occasions such as going to work or simply going out and coffee.

Saddle Bag

In fashion, there is nothing that is always on top of fashion and there is nothing that is forever ugly and unflattering. The Dior Saddle Bag is an example. First released in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection and the person who created this bag is John Galliano, Dior’s current creative director. When it was released, the model was clamped close to the armpit by models, not a clutch, but a shoulder bag was not clear. The bag immediately received a lot of criticism when some people thought it was beautiful, while others said it looked like a stomach.

The bag is a symbol of Ugly Chic style, forever lying on the dividing line between good and bad. In addition, the bag is also loved by many celebrities such as singer Beyonce who was seen wearing this bag walking around New York.

Vanity Case

Vanity bags have become trendy in recent years. Vanity is a bag that is usually designed in the shape of a rectangular box, the height usually fits a lipstick and the length usually holds an eyebrow pencil.

The brand that loves vanity designs the most is probably Dior, whose designs are sought after in larger numbers than Louis Vuitton or Gucci. In 2021, Dior launches a series of designs with unique designs such as Cannage, Toile de Jouy, Dior Oblique. With soft calfskin material and small mini size, the bag is very suitable for haughty young ladies.

Dior Book Tote

The Dior Book Tote bag model was created by Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri in 2018. The bag is considered Dior’s icon with its signature slant motif, Christian Dior inscription in the center, perfection. Absolute perfection in every seam is made entirely by hand. In addition, Dior also allows users to personalize the products they buy when they can embroider their name on the bag itself, for example AngelaBaby has embroidered her name on the bag.

The bag possesses a rather large size and spacious storage compartment, so the bag is a great choice for ladies in all occasions and daily activities of life.

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