Fashionistas around the world always aspire to own their own high-class handbags to express their own personality as well as affirm their class by the elegance and sophistication of the bags. So let’s take a look at Storepc with the bags that are said to be the most worth owning in the world because of the luxury and luxury that the bag will bring to you.

Hermes Birkin

Hermes brand has long been the desire of women around the world because of its elegance and sophistication. In which the Hermes Birkin product line is even more advanced and expensive. Birkin is a line of tote bags launched by the Hermes brand in 1980. Today, the number of Birkin bags on the market is so rare that their value is pushed up very high, so the bag is considered a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. The Birkin is considered rarer than gold and is an accessory every bag collector desires.

Chanel 2.55

The world fashion industry always gives Chanel 2.55 a favor and evaluates that this is a bag that every fashionista around the world always wishes to own and a must-have item in the closet. each girl’s clothes. Chanel 2.55 has always kept its elegance, simplicity and sophistication throughout the years, so the Chanel darling has always kept its value at a price of around $3000.

The bag was launched by the legendary CoCo Chanel in February 1955, this is why the bag is named 2.55. After launching, the bag was quickly received and welcomed by women around the world. In 2015, prominent designer Karl Lagerfeld made an impressive comeback of this bag line to celebrate the 60th birthday of Chanel 2.55.

Hermes Constance

Hermes Constance is one of the three most sought-after bags of the billion-dollar brand Hermes over the years. First released in 1967, the bag was designed by Catherine Chaillet, a member of the Hermes creative team. Hermes creative director at the time Jean Louis-Duma asked her to design a bag for urban girls, the bag must be both dynamic and luxurious. . And she launched the Constance bag, inspired by her fifth daughter’s name.

The bag when it was released was warmly received by fashionistas around the world and this is also the bag model that former US First Lady Jackie O’Kennedy loves very much. With a completely hand-crafted high-quality leather covering the outside, the design of the bag is extremely simple with a large H-shaped keychain in the middle, in contrast to the rounded design of the overall edges of the bag. creating a feeling of being extremely dynamic, youthful but also very polite and luxurious. The bag is suitable for all daily activities such as office or dating, shopping. Therefore, this is considered a bag that girls must have for themselves.

Lady Dior

The bag is the pride of Dior house as well as the dream of all fashionistas in the world. With a simple rectangular design, high-quality leather sewn in cannage motifs and decorative details made of golden metal make the bag look both luxurious and sophisticated.

The bag was originally called ChouChou, introduced by Dior in 1994. During her trip in 1995, the bag was presented to the Duchess by the former First Lady of France at that time, Bernadatte Chirac. . The bag was quickly loved and used by the Princess, thanks to its appearance many times on Diana’s hand, the bag was widely known and quickly became a hot item for girls all over the world. warmly welcomed by the world. In 1996, Dior renamed their ChouChou bag Lady Dior as an act of gratitude.

Above are the handbag models that many experts or fashion magazines around the world consider to be the most worth owning of all time. To update the latest information on fashion and sneakers, please continue to follow Storepc!

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