The world of perfumery is a very complex one, and even requires the buyer to have some basic scientific knowledge. Most buyers today choose to buy perfumes very emotionally, even just choosing to buy by brand or feeling when looking at the design of each perfume bottle. Even the most experienced salespeople can hardly use words to accurately describe each scent, so if you only listen to the advice of the staff, you are not sure to find a scent worth investing in. So, to choose to buy a perfume bottle that reflects your style, listen to advice from experts in the perfume industry compiled by Storepc.

Determine the purpose of buying perfume

Before setting foot in the perfume shop, it is important for you to know why you want to buy this perfume bottle. Determine if you want a fragrance to seduce the opposite sex, or to impress the office. Once you have such a clear purpose, you can easily narrow the search, save time and make the selection simpler. That advice is not to just look at online reviews and then spend money even running after brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, …. Anyway, the right fit is the key to success.

Carefully prepared

Take a look at your existing perfume collection and think if there’s a fragrance you haven’t tried yet. For example, if all the perfumes you currently have are lightly scented to suit the office environment, then maybe this is the right time to buy a few portable mini perfume bottles – you can just change the style again – the pocket does not wear out too much.

If you are not a perfume collector, you can start with personal care products. For example, look at what your shower gels, body lotions, scented candles, or even your favorite fabric softener or toothpaste have in common, to suggest scents you’ll love. Choosing a perfume that has a similar scent to the products used on the body will help the scent become more specific, unified and longer lasting.

At the same time, you also remember to note scents that you do not like, scents that may make you allergic or uncomfortable. Tell the sales staff about these scents right away so they don’t advise you to choose the right perfume that contains them. For example, someone once confided that leather notes are one of the most user-friendly notes. Yet Tom Ford Ombre Leather has even created a legend to be hunted around the world.

Choose the right time

Choosing a genuine portable perfume bottle is indeed a very time-consuming process, so you must choose to buy perfume at the right time. Experts advise you not to buy perfume at rush hour. It is best to buy perfume on a certain day of the week, and if you go shopping on the weekend, go early, at the opening time of stores or malls.

Try before you buy

Not every perfume should be tested on the skin, but you should smell them first on test papers. Try perfume first at stores that use specialized perfume test papers, which absorb the perfume and release the scent with the same effect as when the perfume is sprayed on the skin. Consider testing perfume on paper as the first qualifying round, only perfumes that you feel good when you smell through the test paper can continue to be sprayed on your skin, to limit your body contact. too much with different perfumes.

The change of perfume

To find the right perfume you should buy, test it on your skin and wait as long as possible. You can take advantage of shopping for other items, or doing other things, to see how the perfume will change on your body. Perfume itself often has many different layers of scent, just after 20 minutes, the scent has become very different from when you sprayed it. Therefore, you need time to experiment from the top notes to the base notes of the perfume.

Usually, the middle layer is the most important scent layer of each perfume, marking their level of scent stability, and will be the signature scent of the user. The last layer of incense is the layer of incense that stays deeply in the mind of the user, and can be completely different from the top layer.

Identify favorite fragrance groups

If you like gentle, clean scents, you can choose perfumes with citrus scents, light florals often found in Chanel perfumes or water-sea scents. sea. However, these scent groups are often refreshing but do not have a long-lasting scent.
Stronger, stronger and deeper fragrances such as amber, patchouli have more lasting fragrance, but can cause discomfort to people around. If you decide to choose these scent groups, depending on the use situation, please limit the amount of perfume that is sprayed on the body.

Don’t use coffee beans

According to some perfumers, sniffing coffee beans to make the nose less “oily” between perfume scents does not really work. This is a tip that is not based on any scientific basis. There are many aroma molecules in the coffee beans themselves, and this very coffee scent has also been used in many perfumes, so the smell of coffee beans even makes your nose. more scent disturbance. To adjust your nose after smelling too many scents, it’s best to inhale the scent of your own skin or clothes.

Breathe in short beats

There is an effective scent test trick applied by many experts, which is that instead of taking long breaths, take short breaths when smelling the perfume. With perfume test papers, wave back and forth quickly to create a slight vibration in front of the nose, so the nose can perceive the fragrance more accurately.

Perfume can lose its smell

The shelf life of perfume may be shorter than the manufacturer’s estimate, if you store it incorrectly, it can also make your perfume bottle quickly lose its smell, especially in the age of social networks. Many girls like to display perfume in places with lots of light to freely take sparkling pictures to show off to everyone. However, it is bright light, especially sunlight, that can “cook” your perfume, causing it to lose its smell or become smelly.

You should also not store perfume in the bathroom, because this is where the temperature changes suddenly from hot to cold, the humidity is also unstable. You should store perfume in the same way that people store wine, preferably in a cool, dark place, for example in a closet. In addition, you should not save perfume for too long, but it is best to use it regularly as soon as you buy it, because the longer you leave it, the less delicate the scent will be. Take into account your level of use and choose to buy an appropriate capacity, if you rarely use it, you should only buy a small capacity bottle, or mini perfume.

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