Fashionistas around the world always aspire to own their own high-class handbags to express their own personality as well as affirm their class by the elegance and sophistication of the bags. So let’s take a look at Storepc with the bags that are said to be the most worth owning in the world because of the luxury and luxury that the bag will bring to you.

Fendi Peekaboo

Launched in 2009 by the Fendi family, the bag quickly made a big splash in the fashion world around the world. With the first sketches, Silvia Venturini Fendi has portrayed the image of a strong, passionate woman who is ready to break the prejudices and laws of the surrounding society. With premium full grain leather material, high finishing, simple elegant design and ease of use, the bag is almost suitable for every user’s daily activities.

Louis Vuitton Capucines

First released in June 2013, the bag quickly became a hot item for the brand. Some LV stores in London even display Capucines in glass cabinets with the sign “Not for sale”, so it further stimulates the desire of fashionistas to own.

The name Capucines is named after the Neuves des Capucines street in Paris, where the first Louis Vuitton store was founded. Although LV has a wide variety of bags with models running into the tens of thousands of dollars, Capucines still has its own place in Louis Vuitton products. High-quality leather, simple luxurious design, spacious storage space and absolute perfection, Capucines are always collected and used by many women.

Special Louis Vuitton Capucines bags, expressing the individual personality of the designer.

Celine Classic Box

The Classic Box bag from Celine’s house will bring a gentle, gentle charm to the user, so the bag is preferred by haughty ladies because it creates both gentle elegance and a bit of classic charm. coil.

The outer skin is made of high-quality calf leather, the inner part is lined with soft sheepskin, so the bag is popular with many people. The simple design, rounded at the edges with a metal keychain in the middle, shows the minimalist design of the designer. The bag also has a small strap so that you can wear it in daily activities. The fashion world considers the bag to be suitable for most of your daily activities such as walking, going to work or going on a date with your own guy.

Yves Saint Laurent Sunset

This is one of the outstanding bags of the fashion house from France. The bag features luxurious leather and the most special part of the bag’s keychain is based on the old logo of YSL. The bag has 2 designs. The first is the plain and simple original leather, the second is the polished crocodile skin imitation design, the bag has a long slender strap that seems to add grace to the user.

Louis Vuitton Keepall

This is one of the rare bags for both men and women of the LV house. The bag is designed to be used as a travel bag or weekend picnics. Spacious design with versatile design LV Keepall always creates versatility but also shows the level of users.

In addition to aesthetics, the bag is also favored by many people because of its diverse color palette.

Above are the handbag models that many experts or fashion magazines around the world consider to be the most worth owning of all time. To update the latest information on fashion and sneakers, please continue to follow Storepc!

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