Fashion lovers know that I buy bags not only because they are convenient or beautiful. Because these products are also an investment. Properly selected and carefully preserved, they can retain their value for a long time. Among products, handbags have always been a good choice for investment. So the question is, should you invest in a Gucci Dionious bag from Gucci?

The Origin of the Gucci Dionysus Bag

In 2021, Gucci will celebrate its 100th birthday. Since its birth in 1921, Gucci has experienced many ups and downs.

Unlike many brands that have sadly dropped out of the game, Gucci remains one of the most prominent names in the world of fashion, especially the luxury fashion group. With Gucci’s design, we are not afraid of the devaluation of the brand. Therefore, Gucci products are always worth the investment due to their exceptional quality and strong brand recognition.


Compared with Gucci’s century-old history, the Dionysus bag was still very immature when it was released in the autumn and winter of 2015, but at a young age, it quickly became the brand’s IT bag IDEA.

The glamour of Gucci Dionysus

Perhaps because it smoothly combines convenience and the fashion house’s Italian retro flair. This bag is named after the ancient Greek god of grapes, wine and agriculture, Dionysus. So the lid of the bag is decorated with horseshoes and tiger heads. The horseshoe is a perennial symbol of Gucci. The tiger head represents Dionysus, the god of wine.


Although the cover does not have the usual GG logo of Gucci, Dionysus is still a very recognizable bag. Because no other brand combines horseshoes with retro tiger head graphics so crazy!

Structurally, this is a sturdy bag with a top handle. This bag has a trapezoid shape with a slightly wider bottom than the mouth. Metal accessories designed in retro style are very stylish. The chain shoulder strap is long enough to be worn cross-body, but can also be folded in half to make it a short shoulder strap. This bag has three compartments, one of which has a zipper. A neat but versatile bag.


Gucci Dionysus Wire Size

Every season, Gucci transforms Dionysus. Dionysian relatives are divided into Shoulder bags, Top Handle bags and Bohemian bags. Overall, the bags in this collection come in many sizes. However, since it is a modern and fashionable collection of the Italian brand, you can be sure that it always includes the sizes available in the market.

Shoulder bag series

The shoulder bag collection has no handles, just a long chain strap. If you prefer, you can fold the chain to shorten it so that it fits snugly under your armpits.

Top handle series

The Top Handle series comes with a handle in addition to the chain. This handle can be made of leather or bamboo (bamboo), the material that made Gucci famous in the 1960s.


material, substance

Bags from the Gucci Dionysus line are often presented in GG Supreme monogram canvas. This is also the charm of the handbag collection, which satisfies the followers of logomania. Trending logomania isn’t always subtle. But with a tough shape, the Dionysus bag in GG Supreme canvas is very charming.

However, during the reign of vintage-loving Alessandro Michele, there were also plenty of bags in smooth leather designs. In any case, the Dionysus Tiger Lock Cap is iconic enough to be recognizable from a distance without the accompanying GG logo.

Gucci is also one of the few fashion houses that still makes bags in exotic leathers. In 2020, the Dionysian collection is available in snakeskin.


Pros of Gucci Dionyous

  • The sturdy shape allows you to place them on tables and chairs without fear of tipping over and leaving your belongings inside
  • The interior of the bag is divided into several neat compartments for easy organization of things
  • Vintage-inspired accessories, not gold or silver


Cons of Gucci Dionyous

  • Locks can become difficult to install if you put too much in your bag
  • The interior of some Dionysus bags is lined with suede. This material becomes dirty and difficult to maintain.
  • The starting price is quite high. It’s hard to fathom how this canvas bag can be as expensive as the full-grain leather Gucci Marmont.
  • The investment value of the Gucci Bacchus bag
  • Unfortunately, the Gucci Dionysus bag is not a high transfer value bag.


The reason is because Gucci is a fashion house that always leads the way. That said, Gucci is very quick to keep up with current trends. So these bags might be hot because of the textures and accessories play, but not so much tomorrow. Nor is Gucci’s minimalist style a timeless classic.

Therefore, the Gucci Dionysus bag will be a great product for those who want to find a product that expresses their individuality and sense of style. But it’s not something to buy and then sell at a higher price like a Hermès Birkin or a Chanel 2.55 bag.


If you want to make sure your product has a more sustainable value, choose a bag made of leather instead of canvas. When it comes to investing, black is always the safest color. At the same time, exotic leathers such as crocodile skin and lizard skin… are also better choices than trendy materials such as velvet.

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