The Adidas Yeezy Basketball ‘Quantum’ shoe incorporates Kanye West’s groundbreaking design language into a more ergonomic design. This Yeezy version features a split-skinny turtleneck at the upper, textured suede toe cap, statement color and reflective properties. The sneaker quickly became popular with fans due to its unique details.


As usual, a flood of counterfeit versions hit the market almost immediately. In this article, Storepc will show you the details to help you differentiate between Adidas Yeezy Quantum Real and Fake.

Check out the barcode scan of Yeezy Quantum


This makes the barcode a reliable signal of authenticity that can help you make sure you’re buying genuine adidas-made sneakers. When you’re ready to scan your Yeezy Quantum’s barcode, we recommend using the Legit Check app. The app compares your unique barcode to other genuine Yeezy shoes. Note that all Yeezy sneakers have a unique barcode associated with a specific combination of color, style and size:

  • Colorway – BARIUM (H68771)
  • Style – QNTM
  • Sizes – from 4 to 19 (US)

Check out the size label for Yeezy Quantum

First of all, as you can see from the real and fake Yeezy QNTM pictures above, the fake shoes with the words “MADE IN CHINA” look too thin, while the genuine shoes with the inscription look thicker. Next, you can see that the fake shoe with the entire text “US UK FR JP CHN” looks too thin, while the genuine shoe has thicker text. All three inscriptions CLU, APE, or EVN can be found on true-false pairs, so we do not consider this area a reliable place to identify false YZY QNTMs. What you need to pay attention to here, however, is the print quality.


In addition, the fake shoes with the word “adidas” look too thin compared to the words displayed on the real shoes. Another obvious flaw that fake shoes can have is that the “®” symbol touches the “adidas” text, which you’ll never see on retail shoes. There is always a small space between the “®” symbol and the word “adidas” on genuine shoes, and the two must never touch each other. Finally, fake shoes marked with shoe size look thinner than the real thing.

Tick ​​the box label of Yeezy Quantum


On the bottom right corner of the box label is the serial number. If the pair is the US version, the serial number will end in either V02 or V03. But for international versions (Canada/Europe), the serial number will end in V10. As shown below, the genuine international version has 6 sizes, and the serial number ends with the letter V10. However, on the fake US box label, the serial number ends with V10, not V02 or V03.

See how to tie Yeezy Quantum’s shoes


In short, from the wearer’s perspective, the laces on the side with the stripes are said to be under the laces on the other side of the shoe. If that wasn’t clear enough, what we mean is that real shoes must have outer laces to pass through inner laces. To make sure everything is there, check out the more detailed and fake Yeezy Quantum images below.


In the above pictures of Yeezy Quantum fake and real shoes, you can see real shoes with the same pattern as mentioned above. The counterfeit Yeezy Quantum shoes, on the other hand, have incorrect laces attached – we call this defect “reverse laces”, i.e. the laces are not attached properly.

Check out Yeezy Quantum’s Toe Box


In the real and fake YZY QNTM pictures above, we show that fake shoes with toe caps look overly puffy and thicker than genuine toe caps.

Check out Yeezy Quantum’s Boost Dock


Fake shoes labeled “tBoost” have incorrect weights in the font. The text seen on the fake shoes is thicker than the text on the real YZY QNTM shoes. Another flaw that can be seen on fake shoes is the placement of the pills. The fake YZY QNTM has a more precise tablet arrangement, while the real shoe always has a randomly positioned tablet.

Check out the V-shape on the Yeezy Quantum toe cap


In the real and fake Yeezy Quantum images above, we’ve shown that the V-shaped fake shoe looks too wide because it looks more like a “U”. On the other hand, on the real shoe, the shape is a bit wider, but not as wide as the fake shoe shape.

Check out Yeezy Quantum’s insoles

First of all, if you look at the letter “s” in the “adidas” text on the fake YZYs, you’ll see that their lettering looks way too thick, not only that, it’s floating. Embossing refers to fake shoes with the “s” positioned higher than the other letters. On the other hand, a real YZY QNTM double will place all letters correctly because they are all at the same font level and weight.


Then, if you look closely at the first letter “Y” in the “YEEZY” text, you’ll see that the cross-leg upper of the fake shoe is too short, too thick, and too curved compared to the foot of the main shoe. Company. The “Y” of the real YZY QNTM has diagonal legs that look longer, thinner and less curved.

The above are the most obvious details that can help you distinguish Yeezy Quantum from real and fake. Stay tuned to Storepc for updates on the latest fashion trends and sneaker info.

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