Sneaker lovers around the world have taken to the middleman store in the past 24 hours after discovering that two people may indeed have snatched up over 100 pairs of Air Jordan 1 bots in collaboration with Travis Scott and Fragment with the sneaker, a very effective tool . Join Storepc to learn about sneaker bots and some ways to prevent them.


The problem with sneaker bot users is their lack of caution. Pride and desire for recognition makes companies making sneaker robots reveal everything they do. Or maybe it’s just a planned strategic move. Maybe that’s how they market their services (bots). Their success story is a good testament to their product.


According to reports we read, each sneaker bot can generate 25,000 and 32,000 entries, respectively. Let’s make some quick assumptions and run some numbers. Let’s say approximately 300,000 people entered the draw for the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Fragment. Therefore, we refer to these two instances as Bot X and Bot Y. It is assumed that each of the remaining participants can only place at most 1 entry. Now, let’s look at the winning probabilities of Bot X, Bot Y and an individual:

  • Bot X alone has 25,000 people participating, so its probability of winning is 25,000 / 300,000 or 8.33%
  • Bot Y alone has 32,000 people participating, so its probability of winning is 32,000 / 300,000 or 10.67%
  • Individuals have only one entry and their probability of winning is 1 in 300,000 or 0.0003%

So it’s no big secret, the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

Method “Leveling the Ground”

To stop your enemy, sometimes you have to be your enemy. The only way to stop a bot is to be a bot. If everyone volunteered to create multiple entries without the sneaker bot, the odds of winning would be lower, but everything would be fair to everyone. The people behind the bots aren’t really after the money they make by reselling sneakers, but they’re actually trying to sell their bots.


What do you think will happen this week? People will hunt down any bots the two mentioned use to get a lot of entries. So all that has to be done is to overturn the sneaker robot. The programmer will come up with a bot that outperforms both bots in increasing the number of entries per draw. Self-destruction is one way a robot no longer works.

The “Flood the Market” Approach


Another way is to flood the market with sneaker brands and prevent the production of a limited number of meaningless sneakers. After that, all the shoes will be sold out, and brands can still take advantage of them.

Redefining sneaker culture


The easiest and most affordable way to fight sneaker bots is to redefine the real sneaker toe. Sneakerheads insisted on buying bulky sneakers from Nike and Adidas, throwing a tantrum like a three-year-old because they couldn’t get their hands on a Travis Scott Jordan 1. Why don’t they consider buying. Double On, Vans, Avia, Los Angeles gear? In terms of functionality and aesthetics, they are just as good, actually better. The war between robots is going to get worse and soon you will need a robot to buy a sneaker robot for a chance to buy a pair of sneakers.

Here’s the story of sneaker robots and some ways to stop them. Stay tuned to Storepc for the latest sneaker news.
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