In recent years, we’ve seen the sneaker scene make a comeback of many shoe models stocked on store shelves, with an incredible appeal appealing to discerning sneaker collectors as well as those with fashion influence. But when exactly did we start coveting classic sneakers as opposed to the futuristic designs we’ve come to expect, like self-lacing shoes?

Of course, we can feel apprehensive about wearing something out of the ordinary, afraid of not passing the “vibe check” in the eyes of others. That’s why most people opt for the familiar style: classic sneakers. Here, let’s explore with Storepc why retro sneakers are so popular among fashionistas.

Nike Waffle One Summit White Black

One of the hottest items right now is inspired by an icon in the athletics community. The Nike Waffle One, due out in 2021, pays homage to the Beaverton brand’s legendary Waffle from the 1970s, designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. The model’s award-winning feature is the famous waffle outsole developed by Bowerman by pouring rubber into his wife’s iron waffle maker. Since then and today, Nike’s Waffle outsole continues to feature on some of the most coveted Trainers shoes, including the Sacai and Nike collaboration.

New Balance 725 Radially Classic Pack Beige

In addition, the color theme also plays an important role in your outfit. Famous collaborators often have bolder accents through brand details, making them more complex to design. The combination of neutrals like fawn, beige and brown, add a vintage flair to your suit, like this classic style New Balance 725.

Puma Slipstream White Intense Red

On the other hand, the original basketball shoes often displayed the colors of the college, representing the prestigious colleges in the US. In the last few years, sportswear brands have brought their basketball shoes from the past back into the game, like Nike’s Dunk trainer, adidas Forum and New Balance 550. PUMA’s Slipstream is one of the few. This year’s newest member, flaunts an ’80s basketball-inspired ensemble. A suede configuration with the brand’s familiar Formstrip logo on the sides completes the kicks from the top. down this low.

As can be seen, the sneaker community’s growing obsession with retro-inspired sneakers shows no sign of slowing down. Many shoe models are so hot that they are always sold-out even after being restocked, proving their widespread popularity in the fashion community in general and footwear in particular.

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