Among thousands of uncountable luxury jewelry brands, jewelry connoisseurs will always think of the name that is not too distant: “Tiffany&Co”. So have you ever wondered luxury jewelry brands like Tiffany&Co. It’s so expensive, but it’s still sought after by everyone? Here Storepc will show you how special they are and why they are so expensive.

What brand is Tiffany&Co?

Founded in 1838 by Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812–1902) and his partner, J. B Young, as Tiffany & Young, a “brand name” store on Broadway in New York was a rapid success. . In the 1940s, Charles Lewis Tiffany announced that blue was the signature color of this jewelry brand.

Tiffany & Co. (commonly known as Tiffany’s) is an American high-end jewelry retailer, headquartered at 5th Avenue, New York City. Here they specialize in selling jewelry, sterling silver, porcelain or crystal. In addition, the brand also offers a number of high-end stationery, perfumes, watches, personal accessories and some leather goods. However, it is the collections of wedding rings, engagement rings and diamonds that make this brand famous.

Ring Tiffany&Co. how much is it worth?

The price of a brand new Tiffany’s engagement ring can go from $1,500 with lavish rings going for over $100,000. The exact cost of a Tiffany engagement ring depends on the size and quality of the center stone as well as the complexity of the crafting.

Since not everyone can afford to buy a perfect Tiffany engagement ring, shopping for used Tiffany rings is a financially viable solution. By shopping this smart, you can wear beautiful Tiffany engagement rings for a more modest cost, they are only a fraction of the original price.

Professionally polished and refurbished pre-owned diamond rings will look like new. At Gemma by WP Diamonds, they share, “We sell a wide range of pre-owned Tiffany engagement rings in great condition starting at $125. And to make your engagement ring stand out. Even more affordable, we offer easy monthly payment plans through our partner Affirm.”

Why is Tiffany&Co so expensive?


Tiffany is known for the craftsmanship and elegance of their engagement rings. It takes more than a year to produce a single Tiffany engagement ring to ensure that it meets the brand’s rigorous standards. They employ more than 1,500 professional diamond cutters and polishers, who work to maximize the beauty of each diamond, ensuring that the diamonds stay bright and vibrant. Every ring design is handcrafted to best accommodate the respective diamond and enhance the beauty of the stone.


Tiffany engagement rings come in a wide range of gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and tanzanite. They use only the highest quality gemstones in their creations, which are sourced from exceptional raw materials. For example, diamonds are always diamonds of excellent cut, excellent color and clarity, and never have strong fluorescence.

All engagement rings come with a Tiffany Diamond or GIA certificate to illustrate the exceptional quality of an engagement ring. Both laboratories are well known in the diamond industry for their accurate diamond assessments. As of 2019, Tiffany started to include provenance in their diamond engagement ring paperwork, demonstrating their commitment to sourcing diamonds from ethical and eco-friendly mines. .


Since the founding of the brand, Tiffany & Co. has always been defined by outstanding quality, creativity and luxury. Not only do you pay a premium price for the high-quality materials and craftsmanship in each piece of jewelry, but also for the name Tiffany and their iconic little blue box.

With such a long established reputation and value, it is not surprising that luxury business group LVMH, which also owns famous names from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Céline to Kenzo, Bulgari wants to brought Tiffany & Co back under my umbrella like that.

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