Lacoste is a sportswear brand born on the inspiration of classic French identity but combined with American modernity. However, compared to the common ground like Nike, Adidas or Balenciaga, this brand does not have too much media noise. Here Storepc will talk more about Lacoste and some reputable places selling products of this brand.

General information about the brand Lacoste

Lacoste is a famous brand founded in 1933 by René Lacoste and André Gillier. Items such as clothes, sunglasses, watches, flowers, are the main products of this brand… and especially the legendary product that has brought the brand to development, the sports t-shirt line.

Lacoste’s logo is also featured with an embroidered crocodile image. Throughout its history to date, the brand has been successful in copyright disputes to protect its iconic crocodile logo.

In 1926, with a passion for tennis and inspiration from polo shirts, René Lacoste designed the world’s first tennis polo shirt. His design has partly overcome the disadvantages of tennis fashion at that time such as difficulty in movement and impermeability.

Seeing the great market potential and passion of the inventor of the tennis polo shirt, the president of the largest knitwear company in France at that time – André Gillier decided to cooperate with René Lacoste to become a successful player. founded La Chemise Lacoste – today Lacoste SA.

At first, Lacoste only specialized in producing white polo shirts with an embroidered crocodile logo on the right chest, in addition, they also produced T-shirts for golfers and rowers. By 1951, the brand had developed more designs and textures for t-shirts.

Every day, Lacoste’s products are known to many people, even hailed as a symbol of sports people. In the United States in the late 70s to 80s, Lacoste products achieved success when everyone wore and owned their own products.

In 1996, René Lacoste passed away and passed the role of President to his son Bernard Lacoste. With its entrepreneurial talent, the company has grown rapidly with an estimated sales of 300,000 products per year. Using the previous success as the foundation for the Lacoste brand to start producing more products such as perfume, eyewear, sports shoes, … and other fashion accessories.

And since 2000, designer Christophe Lemaire has pushed Lacoste to find something new and more modern to help the brand reach more and more young users. He has brought to customers a more innovative, more advanced brand.

Address to buy genuine Lacoste products in Vietnam

As a leading brand in the world, it is not difficult for users to find products from Lacoste brand, especially you can easily find stores selling in shopping malls. Currently, in Vietnam, Lacoste’s genuine distribution stores are concentrated in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, there are many genuine distribution agents scattered throughout the country. However, in order to avoid buying fake goods, you should choose reputable distribution agents with quality warranties such as Storepc, we always accompany you to advise and have many attractive preferential policies. guide to serve customers.

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