The era of mixed truth and fake has caused brand bags such as Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Prada … to be counterfeited in extremely large numbers. To distinguish whether a bag is real or not is not an easy thing, even for big and professional brand followers because of the sophistication and details of the fakes that are now made to look like 90. % true version. For that reason, manufacturers of luxury fashion brands spend a huge amount of money each year on anti-counterfeiting technology.

Now, dealing with counterfeit goods has become simpler thanks to advanced technology. About a few years ago, Entrupy – a company from the US presented the idea of ​​​​a device that helps users distinguish Auth and Fake in a short time, and the results have been recognized worldwide. Let’s explore with Storepc in detail about this testing technology.

What is Entrupy Test?

According to Entrupy, this technology is essentially a scanner connected to a mobile device and equipped with a microscopic microscope capable of magnifying objects up to 260 times. Since then, Entrupy testing technology can detect errors on counterfeit goods including parameters of brands, each stitch is faulty or paint is thicker than allowed. The device can clearly see details that are not visible to the naked eye.

Next, AI intelligence will rely on algorithms that automatically compare the captured images with a database of more than 50 million images from genuine products around the world, analyzing similarities and difference. Then give results to verify that the product is genuine or not in just a few minutes.

Is the Entrupy test reliable or not?

Entrupy testing means capturing details from leather, canvas texture, hardware, stamping font code, bag lining material, padlock, stitching, zipper… etc even the company logo stamped under the zipper. Then compare the data with the bags that have been produced that it collects, the results must be similar to get the Authentic certificate result.

According to Entrupy, the accuracy level of this test is 99.1%, which is almost absolute accuracy and in which there is still 0.9% incorrect. Therefore, Entrupy’s inspection service always comes with 1-year insurance, which means that within 1 year if you go to test at another company but give different test results at Entrupy, the company will refund the inspection fee.

Entrupy will divide into 3 types of results displayed:

1. Authentic Certificate

This means that the bag has been compared with the data collected by Entrupy, it is identified as Authentic. To ensure the interests of customers, the company has the resulting warranty for Authentic Certificates that Entrupy has verified. That is, if the bag has been certified by Entrupy, while the bag is Fake according to the results of other testing units, Entrupy will compensate the correct value of the bag.

2. Unidentified

This means that Entrupy cannot authenticate the item you want to verify. In this case, there are two possibilities. One is that your bag is Fake, the other is it’s Auth, but since Entrupy has not updated enough data, it can’t be compared.

3. Not support

Entrupy has a number of bags that do not support inspection, including: bags of brands Burberry, Balenciaga, Celine with the new logo; Chanel Uniform bag line has Date code (begin >=30); Hermes bag with Exotic material (Snake, Crocodie, Elephant,…). In addition, Entrupy also does not accept the inspection of accessories that come with the bag such as: straps, handles, charms, etc. In case some bags are not listed in the above list but the returned result is Not Support, Entrupy will There is no charge for customer inspection.

Currently on the market there are many other brand appraisal companies such as Realauthentic, Authenticate first, Lollypuff. But Entrupy is still the most prominent name today and has a guarantee of results for its certificate. In addition, Entrupy’s Certificate is now recognized worldwide, at stores or consignment stores. Therefore, the reliability of this inspection service is very high, customers can completely trust.

Entrupy testing units in Vietnam

Currently on the market there are many Entrupy testing units, including PLN Luxury, Auth Spa, VietMoney… In which, Golden Friend Company is also one of the first to transfer this technology to Vietnam. .

Now, you will not have to worry or wonder if your bag is genuine or not when this advanced technology is available in Vietnam. Entrupy will help you verify the true value of the branded item you own.

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