As the first name of the 20th century to introduce women to clothing that was once considered only for men, it is impossible to deny the talent and fashion vision of Yves Saint Laurent. With experience working under Christian Dior and natural talent in the field of tailoring and material handling, he has left the fashion world countless legacies. In addition to the legacy that I left behind, Yves’ private life story is also a subject for fans to tingle every time it is mentioned. The designer with a student appearance had a lot of “hate” with colleagues in the marketplace. In this article, let’s find out with Storepc!

Karl Lagerfield

The late Chanel creative director – Sir Karl Lagerfeld, who left a thin background of current success with the fashion house in particular as well as the fashion industry in general, had a past “from friend to enemy” with Yves. The relationship between the two has been described as “like two double helixes that have forever changed fashion’s DNA”. In 1954, two young talents met for the first time through the design competition of the International Wool Secretariat. After the final competition, Yves won first place in the “Evening dress” category, while Karl won the “Coat” category.

As colleagues, the two became closer in the fashion industry, they had many conceptions of luxury, beauty and female beauty. But then between the two began to have friction, starting from work in the fashion industry, when Yves was appointed creative director of Dior at just 21 years old, Karl was stuck in the position of assistant for Dior. Pierre Balmain for 3 consecutive years. In 1958, Karl’s transformation was no more glorious, when he accepted the position of creative director for Jean Patou – a small, little-known firm.

The culmination of the conflicts is the love triangle between Karl, Yves and Jacques de Bascher. J. Bascher, a French playboy with a romantic and amorous look, born in Saigon, Vietnam, made both designers fall in love when they met at a fashion event in the late 1970s. Later. , Bascher decided to choose to be Karl’s life partner until his death, leaving Yves a painfully open love affair.

Tom Ford

When the Gucci Group added the name Saint Laurent to its portfolio in 1999, they turned to Tom Ford – then the creative director of Gucci, and also the creative director of the Maison. . The moment Tom Ford became the “savior” to revive Gucci on the verge of doom, his role quickly expanded: 6 years after taking office, Tom quickly designed clothes and shoes for men. By 1992, he was in charge of the entire creative work of Gucci, from Ready-To-Wear clothes to campaigns and store design.

With the acquisition of Saint Laurent, the Gucci fashion group also wants Tom Ford to once again create that feat. When he first started working, Tom designed Ready-To-Wear clothes for Saint Laurent and the company of the same name that holds control of high fashion – the two are said to have a close relationship. The American designer once said: “At first we were quite friendly. Yves liked that we bought the company and wanted me to continue to design the products. He praised my work at Gucci, we had a good time. dinner a couple of times and before I launched my new collection, Yves was the first to see.”

But as soon as Tom clearly expressed his displeasure at not being free to create, Yves’ attitude quickly changed. Tom Ford likes sexy designs and straddles the line between revealing/luxury, and Yves prefers traditional power suits. “This poor guy is just trying to show off,” the French designer disparaged Tom in front of the press. Although Tom only stayed at Saint Laurent for a while before leaving Gucci in 2004 – shortly after Gucci and Saint Laurent were acquired by luxury group Kering, his tenure is still considered a resounding success. He reinvigorated a fashion empire that was in hibernation and doubled sales.

Tom Ford also said: “They are like the Nazis, going to search and interrogate one after another. They can fine you and close the office. Pierre (Yves’ partner) is the one who call them. I’ve never talked about this before, but it was a bad time for me. Pierre and Yves were cruel. So the name Yves Saint Laurent didn’t exist in my life.”

Although there are many enemies, the genius of the fashion village still has friends and lovers who are always shoulder to shoulder, side by side in a place full of vanity. For example, the Loulou de la Falaise is also the muse, the inspiration for Yves Le to create a lifetime suit called Smoking in 1966 or the Rive Gauche perfume line that stormed in the 70s. Like Yves like Tom Ford, Loulou de la Falaise is very “suitable” with the emperor of the Saint Laurent empire and has been with this brand for 30 years. Follow Luxity to update the latest information on luxury fashion products and events.

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