Fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier has been creating beautiful women’s scents since launching its first fragrance in 1993 – Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. Today, there are countless interesting and outstanding women’s fragrances in the John Paul Gaultier portfolio, and there are several scents that are for everyone. All you need to prepare before experimenting with Jean Paul Gaultier scents is simply to keep an open mind. Today, let’s take a look at the 5 most popular Jean Paul Gaultier women’s perfume bottles with Storepc!

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle EDP

Ladies with a sexy and sexy style will definitely consider Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle EDP a perfect choice. This feminine and cool scent was released in 2019. If the first two notes with the appearance of pear and vetiver create a feeling of freshness and refreshment, the last note of La Belle is again. Express your personality with the deep and sweet scent of vanilla. Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle EDP is a beautiful scent, ideal to spray in the fall and winter weather.


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin Up EDP

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin Up EDP is a perfume that possesses a luxurious, seductive and extremely sexy fragrance released in 2020. As soon as it is applied to her skin, the girls will immediately Immerse yourself in the spicy but still very ethereal scent of ginger and serenity. After a while, the sweet scent of Orange blossom and marshmallow in the middle notes will bloom before giving way to the seductive and attractive base of vanilla and amber. The ideal time to spray this scent is spring and summer.


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT

Classique EDT is a legendary scent of the house Jean Paul Gaultier was launched in 1993. This is an oriental fragrance with a bold and extremely attractive style. Orange blossom, Italian mandarin, star anise, pear and rose will be the main ingredients to create a fresh and sweet top note of Classique EDT. When the top notes are about to settle down, the middle notes of iris, ginger, plum, orchid and ylang-ylang will bloom to add a sweet side to the overall scent. Finally, amber, musk and vanilla will skillfully blend together to create a stable base with outstanding fragrance. This is an ideal choice in autumn and winter.


Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP

Carrying a sensual, sophisticated and provocative scent, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP is the iconic perfume bottle released in 2017. This perfume opens with the fresh scent of red orange and red orange. tangerine. Then, the middle notes will be the appearance of sweet honey, jasmine, orange blossom, peach and gardenia before moving on to the base notes of licorice, caramel, patchouli and greasy beeswax. feminine and elegant touch to your look. Overall, this is a warm scent suitable for use in autumn and winter weather.


Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal EDP

Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal EDP is a very sexy, seductive and provocative scent that will hit the market in 2020. This perfume was created for women who are elegant but have a lot of personality. of the modern, strong woman. The main notes of this perfume include raspberry, tuberose, neroli, Sambac jasmine and milk. These notes have been skillfully and meticulously refined by Jean Paul Gaultier to create an overall rich, deep and explosive scent. So Scandal is a perfect choice for spring, autumn and winter.


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