Alexander McQueen is a British luxury label founded in 1992 by Lee Alexander McQueen. With extremely sophisticated tailoring and very trendy shoes around the world, the question of fashionistas is: Where is Alexander McQueen made? So let Storepc reveal it to you!

Alexander McQueen is run by whom?

Lee Alexander McQueen is one of the most awarded British fashion designers of his generation and the creator of the Alexander McQueen label. Victorian/Roman Gothic inspired outfits in dark colors and thick fabrics have taken the fashion world by storm. To confirm, many curious people decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Alexander McQueen website to verify if the brand listed where the products were made. They also visited the Alexander McQueen store in London and the brand’s department stores in Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols to check out a variety of items.

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Where is Alexander McQueen made?

Alexander McQueen clothing, shoes and accessories are made in Portugal and Italy. Not a single customer has been able to find a list of product descriptions where the products are mentioned on the website. This is surprising considering that every product many people find in the store is made in Italy or Portugal – two of the best European manufacturers in terms of quality. Some brands like Stone Island and Palm Angels also don’t say where their products are made, even if everyone knows they make mainly in Italy, followed by Portugal. It is understandable why a brand like Prada, which manufactures a lot outside of Italy, would not want to list where the products were made or as Burberry wrote “Import” in the product description for any product. Which is made in China.


Alexander McQueen is missing out on a great opportunity to let customers know where his products are made in the product descriptions on his website. Unless they actually manufacture in countries they don’t want you to know, but Italy and Portugal are the only two countries people can find. Some shoppers checked out at least forty different products between the four stores visited. In the event that you order Alexander McQueen products online, you will always have the product’s manufacturer information on the card. This is because EU and US legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods (Louis Vuitton, Lacoste and Barbour, however, appear to be unsuccessful in this regard. reveal the place of production, especially with Barbour ). I have found a lot more products are made in Italy than in Portugal. Many people with an interest in provenance have checked out clothing, shoes, belts, wallets, bags and scarves and it’s no surprise that they produce more in Italy as it is a fashion label. most prestigious in the world.

A Brief Introduction Of Alexander McQueen A Brief Introduction Of Alexander McQueen

Is Alexander McQueen Made in Italy?

Yes, most Alexander McQueen clothing, shoes and accessories are made in Italy. It may be in the north, close to Milan, as many luxury brands produced there such as Versace and Dolce and Gabbana also have production facilities in that region. Made in Italy is why Alexander McQueen is able to charge much higher prices for some items made there. Most people know that making in Italy will be made of the finest materials and finest craftsmanship, so they don’t mind paying more for those products. Usually, items made in Italy are perfect because every detail matters.

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It is possible that someone who has not delved into the luxury market will not notice the price difference between products made in Portugal and Italy, but both countries have similar production costs. Some places in Italy will cost a little more. Since the cost of production is higher, the brand charges more for the product and that is why you can find many of its footwear made in Italy for over $1,000.

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