No wardrobe is complete without shoes. The wrong pair of shoes can destroy your personality. And when it comes to sneakers, without a doubt, the first name that comes to anyone’s mind is Nike. The brand is considered the worldwide benchmark for the quality of sportswear, accessories and equipment. The iconic vestige, also known as the Swoosh logo, speaks for the brand itself. But do you know where Nike shoes are made? Let’s discover with Storepc.


When it comes to manufacturing, the first place one might think of is China. The country has progressed so much that all success is due to China. Reportedly, the first Nike factory in China was opened in 1981. Today, there are more than 160 Nike factories operating in China. Forty-six is ​​said to have been dedicated to the production of Nike footwear. It accounts for more than 25% of Nike’s shoe factories worldwide.

These factories employ thousands of workers to create a wide range of Nike products. The production of Nike shoes today in China is the result of a decision made by management in the 1990s known as the Swoosh Index. The company started looking for places with cheap labor and raw materials and started setting up factories in those countries with the aim of lower costs and increasing profits. In addition, many other prominent brands such as Vans, Adidas… also own production facilities in this country.

Nike’s flagship shoes made in China are offered all over the country, and some of them are also exported to nearby Asian countries. The brand has faced some backlash over the past few years when the company was blamed for forcing Uighurs from rural Xinjiang to work unfaithfully in Nike factories. .

Nike, along with a number of other well-known brands such as Apple and H&M, are said to have forced Uyghur workers to work in their manufacturing plants across the country. The company has faced a lot of criticism due to its bad actions. Nike has tried to dispel its stance of not supporting such campaigns and has denied any connection to such forced labor.


Japan was one of the first countries where the brand opened a factory. The company has about 12 Nike facilities, including 3 factories specializing in footwear production, where thousands of Nike sneakers are produced. The company opened its first factory in Japan in 1964.

Although there is not much production in Japan now due to rising labor costs, Japan is still one of Nike’s production centers. Some of the most iconic shoes, such as the Nike Wimbledon Tennis shoes, were made in Japan in 1974. Management has focused more on manufacturing in countries with cheap labor such as Vietnam and China. Country, over the years.


As discussed earlier, because of cheap labor, Nike has long since moved most of its production to countries like Vietnam. Currently, Nike is said to have around 200 contract factories in Vietnam, making the country one of Nike’s Largest Manufacturing Markets worldwide. As of 2022, Vietnam is the largest manufacturer of Nike Shoes.

This shows how much Vietnam means to Nike for its footwear. It’s not surprising that most Nike shoes come from Vietnam, explaining the words ‘Made in Vietnam’ that we often see even when ordering from abroad. Nike plans to expand operations in Vietnam further to shift production focus to Vietnam more.

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Indonesia is also one of the most important economies for this brand’s footwear and is only third after China and Vietnam. Indonesia is said to have around 28 manufacturing plants used exclusively for Nike shoes. Recently, the company opened a new factory in Majalengka, West Java with an annual production capacity of more than 15 million pairs.

The brand has increased production in Indonesia exponentially due to cheap labor and efficient operations over the past few years. In addition to footwear, the country also has a number of workshops that produce clothing, equipment and other raw materials.


Although there aren’t many Nike production sites in Korea, the factories here make up a large part of the worldwide Nike shoe manufacturing base. South Korea is said to have around 17 factories producing its footwear, making it a major factory for Nike shoes.


Taiwan is another sweet spot for Nike as far as the shoe brand is concerned. Huali Industrial Group is the manufacturer of Nike and Converse shoes in the country. Currently, there are a total of 10 factories in Taiwan that mass-produce Nike and Converse models. Nike has had a prominent presence in Taiwan since its inception and has gone through many stages of development.

Most of the Nike shoes made here are made by third-party contract manufacturers such as Huali Corporation. Some research and development on Nike footwear is also said to have been done here.


Feng Tay Enterprises and Apache Footwear are third party manufacturers for Nike in India. Nike is one of the most used sports brands in the country and holds a prominent position. Most Nike shoes in India are made at Feng Tay’s Tamil Nadu manufacturing facility in Cheyyar. Nike in India operates in partnership with the private company SSIPL.

With hundreds of retail stores spread across the country, the brand with the familiar ‘trace’ has made its name throughout the decades. Nike also sponsors the Indian cricket team’s official kit until 2020. In addition, Nike sponsors athletes from a diverse range of games.


Last but not least, Brazil also ranks first among Nike shoe producing countries. The country has about 7 Nike shoe industries, is the largest country in South America, Nike footwear produced here is exported and supplied throughout South America.

Nike items are among the best when it comes to sports brands in terms of quality, so there’s no need to worry about where they’re made. The American firm has a considerable reputation in the sports market, so they only want to sell the best and don’t put anything average in the market.

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