For thirty years, the shoes and boots Dr. The legendary Martens were made exclusively in England, until 89 when Accent Group Ltd. acquired the right to manufacture them in New Zealand. In 2003, the company Dr. Martens almost went bankrupt and was therefore forced to close many stores and factories and move all production to China and Thailand in 2004 to minimize production costs. Since then, the brand has returned financially and expanded.

Sales have skyrocketed and continue to do so, bringing Dr. Martens became one of the most recognizable, successful and rapidly growing British companies. Here, let Storepc tell you where the retro Dr. Martens are produced.

About the brand of classic boots

The story begins in 1945 with a 25-year-old German soldier, Dr. Klaus Martens. When he broke his leg, the doctor realized that his usual shoes were too harsh for the injury, so he designed an outer air-cushioned outsole to speed up his recovery. Klaus Martens let his engineer friend, Herbert Funk, and the two decide to do business together, creating these incredibly comfortable boots to sell more widely. Within a decade, the shoes had flown off store shelves in their homeland.

In 1959, they caught the eye of British manufacturer, R. Griggs, who bought the patent rights to make these shoes in the UK – and on April 1, 1960, the AirWair shoes. The iconic 1460, with its yellow stitching, has been marketed for a rather low price. The Griggs family has one goal: “to make men’s work shoes comfortable”.

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Boots Dr. Where are Martens made?

There are 7 different countries that make up Dr. Martens. Among them, England is in a lower position because they only make 1% of the total number of Doc Martens boots. And other countries are UK, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Bangladesh. As a result, much of this iconic product is made in Asia.

Is Dr Martens made in the UK?

Northamptonshire of England is the country that produces Dr. Martens. It has carried the reputation for quality of Docs since the earliest 17th century. Not only that, you can find factories that produce Dr. Genuine Martens in Wollaston and Cobbs Lane.

In the UK, Doc Martens products are crafted with the finest materials using traditional and age-old shoemaking techniques, adding class to Doc Martens. Whether it’s every pair of boots or all of Dr. Martens and their craftsmanship are the epitome of a quality shoe, the Doc Martens “Made in England” is something to be treasured.

Dr. Is the “Made In Vietnam” martens genuine?

Yes, of course yes. Some reports suggest that Dr. Martens “Made in England” is of much higher and better quality, so the company that decided to manufacture Doc Martens in Asia and Vietnam will follow the same path and process to meet the high standards of the label. row.

All Doc Martens shoes made in the UK and Asia are pocket-friendly options. Although opinions vary, these boots are definitely high quality, comfortable, stylish and trendy. But, of course, the key to any shoe is how to take good care of it.

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Is Dr Martens made in China?

According to official information from the brand, China produces nearly 32% of its footwear output. Plus, about a third of Doc Martens’ 11 million boots are made in China each year. Docs are currently produced in different countries as the company will not be able to meet consumer demand and offset costs if it restricts production in the UK.

And most importantly, Doc martens are the most desired shoes worldwide, but shipping a product from one country to another is expensive and complicated. Because China has a large population, they started to produce there to meet the market demand. In addition, China is also a prominent location chosen by many other famous brands such as Vans or Adidas to build factories.

Dr. Martens is now going strong after sales skyrocketed in the early 2010s. The brand is sold in hundreds of stockpiles worldwide and has independent brick-and-mortar stores worldwide. In addition to timeless style, Dr. Martens also produces industrial work boots with steel toecaps and specialized soles, and the brand has collaborated with countless designers and brands such as Yohji Yamamoto, Nepenthes, Supreme and A Bathing Ape.