Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion brand based in Florence, part of the Kering Group which owns Balenciaga, Bottega and Yves Saint Laurent. Does this mean that Gucci is made in Italy? If not, where is Gucci made? Let Storepc reveal it to you right now.

A few features about the Gucci brand

This Italian fashion house is named after its founder, Guccio Gucci. In 1912, Guccio opened a shop in Florence, where he sold leather travel goods. In 1937, he launched his line of handbags, featuring the iconic web stripe and double G monogram. After opening stores in Palm Beach and Beverly Hills, the brand quickly became popular with Hollywood stars who loved the brand’s unique and luxurious designs. That’s why we have today’s Gucci – a status symbol.

Where is Gucci made?

Gucci is mainly made in Italy, but not 100%. The brand also has a number of items such as watches made in Switzerland, perfumes in France, some jackets in Vietnam, some sunglasses designs in Japan, and some footwear products in the West. Spain. According to the Kering Group, 95% of Gucci manufacturers are based in Italy. The brand uses a small percentage of suppliers outside of Italy for specific stages of component production. For example, some shoe materials are from Italy, but the construction of the shoe is made in Spain.

Gucci has factories in Scandicci, Tuscany and Marche. In 2021, the Italian luxury brand opened a new center in Trecate, in the Piedmont region, Northern Italy. It is close to the brand’s headquarters in Milan (also new and huge). Gucci also has a location based in Padua, Veneto region, developing and manufacturing all Kering eyewear collections. Gucci gets all its leather materials from factories in Prado.

Like its sister Balenciaga, Gucci is made in Italy not because it is an Italian brand but because the concept of “Made in Italy” gives a certain sophistication and prestige to the brand. It embodies the excellence of craftsmanship and tells the customer that the finest materials have been used. In addition, brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace are also made in Italy.

Some customers are a bit skeptical when they pay thousands of dollars for a luxury item and don’t see “Made in Italy”. Gucci knows that and continues to produce all of its collections in its home country.

Is Gucci made in China?

No, Gucci is not made in China. However, you can find many fake Gucci products in the market, so be careful if you see ‘Made in China’. You might be thinking, “why is Gucci made in China if it’s a luxury brand?” Because many high end brands like Marc Jacobs, Armani, Burberry, Prada, etc., there are some of their products made in China.

Over the years, items made in China have gained a bad reputation. People have the notion that poor quality and hazardous materials are used when making products. When Balenciaga decided to move production of Triple S shoes from Italy to China, the company was met with a backlash. However, as part of the same group, Gucci has learned not to infuriate its customers. That is why China was not chosen by Gucci as a production base for the brand.

Gucci is an Italian high-fashion brand that makes most of its products in Italy, with the exception of a few items. The cost of products is so high that customers expect the goods to be handcrafted in Europe and of the best possible quality.

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