6 extremely hot Nike shoe models are most sought after by girls

It is a fact that from the beginning of the 21st century, women became more interested in sports shoes, they were also passionate about sneakers and began to buy as many shoes as men. In addition to high-heeled shoes, every woman must have at least one pair of sneakers. The two most commonly seen sneaker […]

The first images of the Nike SB Dunk Low “Be True” version

Nike Dunk is not new to skateboarding. In fact, it’s been popular in the sport since the 1980s, when skaters opted for the original Dunks with their supportive construction and flat soles. This design slowly became a staple in the worldwide skateboarding community, and Nike took notice. In 2000, Special Projects Vice President Sandy Bodecker […]

Nike applies a new design on the Weathers Air Max 97 “Cracked Gold” pair

Recently, Nike has attracted attention when launching a new version of Air Max 97 called “Cracked Gold”. While it may be that some people may prefer to wear newly released sneakers, such as the Dior collab Air Jordan 1 by Daniel Arsham, there are clearly still followers who are passionate about classic designs such as […]

Top 3 cool “hot trend” sneaker models for cool Genz

What are the hottest trending 2022 sneaker models that are most sought after by fashionistas today is definitely an issue that GenZ is extremely interested in, especially for fashionistas who are passionate about street style and hip hop. It can be said that a trendy sneaker is always an indispensable item to complete the outfit […]