Some people once derided the rapper as the biggest name in the sneaker world. They can never surpass NBA superstars or earn the respect of the top artists in the shoe industry. And then there’s Kanye West. It all started in 2009 when he released his Nike Air Yeezy I, then the Louis Vuitton collection, the Air Yeezy II, the move to Adidas, and the story goes on. Of course, there are shoes he’s made before: unreleased Reebok S. Carters and Nike Air Max 180s. But West’s true passion as a footwear designer came true when West had his own sneaker, the Yeezy, and all of its current iterations.

But what’s so good about Yeezy? From color scheme to comfort, like Kanye’s rap style, say: it’s all in the details.

So what did we do? We’ve ranked all his sneakers, cool Yeezys and Louis Vuittons, his own creations and his partners.Here are the quality ratings for the Storepc Kanye version

21. Yeezy Crepe Sneakers

Featuring suede upper construction, ton-sur-ton stitching, matching laces and crepe sole. Add in the chalk cream colorway that debuted in Yeezy’s Season 6 collection, and that’s pretty solid if it doesn’t have a whopping $400 retail price. Yes, you heard that right, the 350 or 700 versions are expensive too, just $200-240. The version released by Yeezy Mafia is indeed different

20. Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase

These sneakers shouldn’t be on the list. I’ve worked hard to get rid of it, but it’s not a hill to die for. Of all the sneakers on this list, the Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase isn’t a sneaker designed by Kanye West. Sure, there are some minor tweaks, but it’s a 1986 archival shoe with gold lettering on the side. Having said that, I really love these sneakers and will wear them. But if we were to rank shoes based on design, this would hardly exist. Some people say less is more when it comes to design, and that’s true. But come on, man.

19. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN

The 700 MNVN, short for “minivan,” was an odd shoe from the start. First, it debuted in Neon Green in 2018, not by the man himself or one of his family members, as usual, but by notorious rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. At the time, I thought it was a bit interesting that the two of them sang a few songs together, but in hindsight, it was like a head. Although officially part of the 700 series, the design has very little in common with its predecessor, other than its overall shape. Instead of a multi-layered upper like the classic ’90s running shoes, this pair uses a one-piece nylon upper. It also has large reflective “700” branding on each of its side panels, which isn’t a welcome detail either. Several colors were released from “Triple Black” to “Orange”, but none were particularly popular. It just feels like it shouldn’t happen, especially considering how good the other 700 is. It’s near the bottom of the list.

18. Mr. Louis Vuitton Hudson

Mr Hudson announced in 2009 that he would be “forever young” at the eponymous JAY-Z track. No one has heard of him since. He’ll be known for “a Mr. Kanye West” who named his three pairs of Louis Vuitton sneakers after the silver-haired man. Could this shoe really be a sneaker? This is a loafer, but it has the same sole as other Louis Vuitton x Kanye models. So it’s over.

17. Adidas Yeezy 500 High

The Yeezy 500 is already a sufficiently polarized design. It’s not as durable as other Kanye shoes like the 700 or 350 V2. However, the chunky low-top still has its supporters. In December 2019, adidas introduced a new style, the 500 High, in a grey “Slate” colorway. This marks Kanye’s first high-top design since the 750. Some tweaks have been made, such as replacing the OG mesh panels with neoprene, which increases the ankle height more noticeably. Some people might like the look, but it doesn’t seem necessary. Honestly, it makes tough styles harder to wear and less appealing.

16. Adidas Yeezy QNTM

YZY BSKTBL: The Upcoming Game Changer - YEEZY |

Kanye West’s first performance basketball shoe is an interesting point in Yeezy’s timeline. The QNTM is arguably one of the most anticipated models during West’s partnership with Adidas. Which NBA player will wear it in Game 1? Was it banned because of its reflective heel? Rumors abound. Despite a lot of rumours about the date, it seems like the shoe will never actually be released. It finally had its big day in February 2020. During NBA All-Star Weekend, which coincides with West’s hometown of Chicago, many sled dogs are handing out QNTM shoes to eager customers for the first time on the snowy streets of the Windy City. It was easily one of the weekend’s most memorable moments . One might argue that the moment itself overshadows the actual shoe. That Sunday, West will sit and flirt at the All-Star Game in his own QNTM, while Brandon Ingram will be in his boots. Since then, QNTM has continued to release some colors, not too different from previous iterations. Not many players wear sneakers in games these days. While the accumulation of QNTM has been considerable, it has yet to live up to the hype generated for it.

15. Adidas Yeezy Knit Rn

List of upcoming Yeezy designs – AUTHENTIC SHOES
Yeezy Knit Rnr is an interesting entry on this list for now, as we really know very little about it. Relatively devoid of any ads or products, Adidas’ social media account revealed on September 22 that the shoe will be available in a “sulfur” yellow colorway the next day. As expected, it sold out. The shoes themselves are not too complicated. These strapless skates feature a flap knit upper that sits atop a rubber outsole. The shape of the tuber is almost the same as Foam Rnnr without holes. If Foam Rnnr is “Yeezy Croc”, then Knit Rnnr is “Yeezy Clog”.

The minimalist design means these are likely to dip into every conceivable color in the coming months, which means these may become the new normal for many like the Yeezy slideshow. However, those $200 retail prices are a bit annoying. This will probably sell better in the $120 range. Overall, Knit Rnr is definitely good, but not surprising. It will be interesting over time as the public gradually falls in love with the couple, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.

14. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Yeezy Boost 750 Gum Factory Sale, Up to 69% Off
In June 2016, Kanye West joined fellow GOOD Music rappers Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha T and Desiigner on the Meadowlands’ Summer Jam stage. Their joint performance was excellent, but it was the positions they stood on that stole the show. West and his apprentices have outfitted the all-new Yeezy Boost 750 a few days after this memorable outing in a grey/gum color. The 750 is more of a boot than an actual sneaker, and while not the easiest shoe to take off in the Yeezy category, it’s the best. With sales suspended since October 2016 and limited to just four retail colors, the new sale will be a welcome change of pace in the adidas Yeezy market.

13. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2

Enjoy a close-up of the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2
The predecessor is so perfect, why adjust such excellent shoes? The Adidas 700 is one of the best Kanye West sneakers of all time. The 700 V2 isn’t bad, but it’s not much of an improvement over the original design (if at all). Having said that, the first shoes were so good that the restorative design — or slight tweaks, whichever way you look at them — are still pretty good.

12. Adidas Yeezy 450

Adidas Yeezy 450 'Cloud White' Shoes H68038 – Genuine Shoes
This 2021 silhouette from the Yeezy collection features one of the most unique design elements we’ve seen from Kanye West footwear to date. Admittedly, the sock-like knit upper with an elastic ankle collar seems a bit dated. In 2015, when sneakers like the Ultra Boost and NMD were at the forefront, it would have been a perfect fit, but today it feels like an outlier. Save $200 on the model or something that damages it, depending on who you ask – is its only sole. The claw-like design continues the 450’s minimalist top, and while it’s not a look that everyone can enjoy, the 450 proves that Kanye and his company are still capable of taking risks and making the most of a choice at a time when many are tired of options like the 350 V2. Push footwear design in a new direction when they want.

11. Adidas Yeezy 380

The 7 Hottest Yeezy Boost 380 Shoes on the Market
It’s like a 350, but not really. It’s not bad, but not great either. A pair of shoes will beat the crowd. This shoe takes time to sink. Yeezy has come up with an ever-evolving list that makes up a second variant of the 350 design, with ideas for a third variant finally emerging in late 2019. Yeezy decided to give the design a new name. – Yeezy boosted by 380.

As 2021 approaches, several Yeezy releases have caught Storepc’ attention.Many Yeezy shoes that haven’t arrived in the store have been snapped up