One of the biggest names in the sneaker village, Puma impresses customers with its youthful, versatile designs and street and sporty style. However, in order to get to where it is today, the German sportswear brand has created a number of classic shoes such as the Puma Suede. Storepc The following story about the Puma Suede will help you better understand one of Sneaker Village’s legendary shoes.

PUMA Suede – Originated from basketball shoes

When the Puma Suede was conceived in 1968, the Puma creative team wanted to create a sneaker with a basketball silhouette. However, instead of going the way of other brands, Puma wanted to incorporate its own creative spirit and substance into this pair of shoes. The brand decided to go with suede and add the iconic bar to the design language to create a shoe with a sporty yet stylish look – the Puma Suede.

Champion-Related Sneakers

Puma Suede’s minimalist, fresh and stylish design makes the product a hit as soon as it’s sold. Not only that, but the Puma Suede’s strengths lie in the comfort of the foot and its ability to support running. In addition to the original basketball frame, Suede is also enjoyed by athletes in many other disciplines. The most important highlight was the image of the 1968 Mexican Olympic 200-meter champion – Tommie Smith taking off Puma Suede’s feet and taking the gold medal on the podium. It was the champion’s every move that left a deep impression on Suede, left a deep impression in the hearts of users, and started a legend in the sneaker world.

The fact that sneaker designs are associated with champion or star sneakers is a marketing strategy that is both unfamiliar and familiar. We see it somewhere in famous stars like adidas Superstar, Air Jordan or Yeezy or Human Race.

Hip Hop Design by PUMA Suede

It needs to be clearly stated that the design of Puma Suede is extremely simple and not fussy. Except for the highlights of the shoe body, the entire shoe body does not leave any other impression. However, it is this minimalist form that makes Suede such an enduring beauty product. Today, more than 5 centuries later, Puma Suede is still the best-selling product line of the German sportswear brand.

Emerging from the shadow of basketball shoes, PUMA Suede’s dynamic style has clearly appealed to young people, especially young blacks and Latinos in New York – the cradle of hip hop and b-boy. The no-fuss Suede caught the eye of dancers and rappers with its slender legs and became one of the iconic shoes that represented hip-hop fashion as we know it today.

PUMA Suede – Youthful Suede Sneakers

Stepping into a pair of Puma Suede, the first impression is how the suede feels combined with the high-quality rubber sole that the German brand uses to complete the shoe. The Puma Suede is perfect for cuddling, slenderness and freedom. The smooth suede piece is paired with a number of different coloured versions, cleverly coordinating, making suede a shoe that every young man should have in his closet.

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