Thanks to technological excellence such as Primeknit textiles, adidas has affirmed its position in the world sneaker market. Beginning in 2012, the emergence of Primeknit helped Adidas rise strongly and gradually threatened Nike, the giant that dominated the sneaker market for decades. In this article, let’s find out more secrets behind the legendary material with Storepc!

About Primeknit Technology

Basically, Primeknit is a textile technology created by Adidas to create the upper fabric (the upper) for sneakers by fusing and interweaving many different layers of materials. The Primeknit textile fabric still ensures comfort and flexibility while still being very lightweight and very durable, providing a smooth feel to every part of the foot. Thanks to Primeknit, manufacturers can change designs and remove many of the non-essential parts of adidas sneakers to create shoes that are sleek, fit the foot but still provide a fluid experience that delights users.

At present, Primeknit is producing a variety of sneaker series under the adidas brand Ultraboost, NMD, EQT, Yeezy, etc. on the market, helping to help the German sportswear brand to consolidate its current strong position.

The history of Primeknit

Back in 2010, a team of engineers from the adidas research team attended a technical conference called Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany. At this launch, they happened to see a pair of knitted gloves made of flexible plastic material displayed on the screen. This inspired talented engineers to come up with the idea of ​​a flexible, stylish knitted fabric that is both cool and durable.

Adidas has since contacted a number of interior designers to collaborate to bring the idea to life. Leading sportswear manufacturers have conducted in-depth research on looms and knitting technology and have sought out experts with long-term experience in the field to find out where to go. optimal development. Adidas’ creative team used the factory to produce the first prototypes.

In the end, the engineers showed the concept to Adidas’ marketing director Hermann Deininger. Immediately impressed by the idea of ​​making shoes from knitted fabrics, Hermann set up a special project to develop Primeknit technology to produce the final product.

Primeknit excellence in practice

The product of the Primeknit development project was so successful that Adidas is proud to use the first shoe in this fabric to produce the Adizero Primeknit – a limited edition shoe specially launched for the 2012 Summer Olympics. The company, in turn, used Primeknit fabrics to design many popular shoe brands, and the advantages of this technology became a highlight, helping Adidas Shoes effectively promote their products and win the hearts of sneaker lovers around the world.

Famous sneaker collection using Primeknit technology

When it comes to Primeknit fabrics, sneaker fans will immediately think of three of Adidas’ popular product lines, Yeezy Boost, Ultra Boost and NMD. This is a collection of popular shoe brands that are currently selling well. Ultra Boost in particular has gone beyond the frame of a sneaker to become a hot fashion accessory, NMD is one of the most popular sneaker collections for young people, and the popular Yeezy Boost is always on the list of must-have shoes in the sneaker hunting community.

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