The Nike React Infinity Run is a lightweight, extremely stable sneaker with a React midsole; the New Balance 1080 is a neutral sneaker with maximum cushioning with a Fresh Foam X midsole. Here we compare the two.

React Infinity Run is Nike’s new long-distance cruiser for jogging, relaxing or recovering from running. Its React midsole provides plenty of deep, soft cushioning. The Infinity Run has some supportive elements but is suitable for neutral runners.

The New Balance 1080 is a widely used neutralizing machine that provides the highest level of cushioning in the New Balance line. The 1080 has New Balance’s new Fresh Foam X foam, which is $10 less than the Infinity Run and lighter. Which of these two oversized cushioning shoes is right for you?

similarities and differences:
React Infinity Run 2 with Fresh Foam 1080 v11

1. Infinite response

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a flexible, maximum-cushioned daily training shoe that excels during light-paced workouts and long runs. It has been updated with a new upper for improved foot lock-in and overall performance.
If you’re an athlete looking for an everyday neutral training shoe with high levels of cushioning, smooth ride transitions, and you don’t mind some arch support, the React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is the shoe for friends.
High cushioning, elastic and stable, US$160

2. Pay attention

The New Balance 1080v11 is another great cushioning product from the American brand. With plenty of cushioning for long runs, it’s still suitable for those moments when you want to speed up.
This shoe is for anyone looking for a shoe with maximum cushioning. With great cushioning and responsiveness, this shoe is suitable for experienced runners or beginners.
$149.99, not particularly stable

React Infinity Run 2 with Fresh Foam 1080 v11
The Infinity Run 2 has a fully React-based midsole, but uses a much lower density and softer React foam than the React used in the Vomero 14 or Zoom Fly 3. React foam provides deep cushioning, but the midsole is slightly lower. Its proprietary technology makes it suitable only for comfortable long runs at speeds of less than 5 minutes per kilometer.

The 1080v11 features a full line Fresh Foam X midsole that’s moderately soft and stretchy. It’s good enough for a rhythmic run, yet responsive enough, but also provides plenty of bottomless cushioning for a marathon.

The Infinity Run 2 is marketed as a stability shoe and features stability features like a large, wide midsole and heel clip that act as a guide to keep the foot centered, but the only Infinity Run 2’s ultra-soft midsole prevents it Become a real stable shoe.

The 1080v11 also has a wide midsole. Its moderately soft midsole has no tendency to lean, making the 1080v11 more stable than the Infinity Run. Both shoes feature high-toe springs and rocker midsoles to help the foot transition through the gait cycle.

In terms of outsole, the forefoot, midfoot and forefoot of the Infinity Run 2 are made of rubber, and the midfoot is designed with wide grooves to help reduce weight and make the shoe more flexible. In the midfoot, the sides are exposed and the occasional foam sweeps across the ground.

The 1080v11 had blown rubber in the forefoot and heel, and a large exposed midsole in the midfoot, indicating premature wear. Small oval lugs can be felt through the midsole, especially under the forefoot, so the transitions can be grainy, unlike the Infinity Run 2’s velvety smooth transitions.

The above units:
React Infinity Run 2 with Fresh Foam 1080 v11
The Infinity Run 2 features a Flyknit upper for a soft knit feel. It’s a great size for a medium sized toe. The last row has double eyelets for a heel lock hem for a better fit. Infinity Run 2 is true to size and has no optional width.

The 1080v11 features a Hypoknit knit upper, which is softer and more stretchy than the Flyknit on the Infinity Run 2. The 1080v11’s tongue provides ample cushioning and slip resistance as both sides of the tongue are attached to the sole midsole. The 1080v11 has an Ultraheel that shines from the toes and locks your heel firmly in place. 1080v11 is true to size and available in narrow, regular, wide and ultra-wide.

Which to buy:
React Infinity Run 2 with Fresh Foam 1080 v11
If you’re an athlete looking for a super soft ride that excels in long runs and jogging, the Infinity Run 2 is for you. React’s midsole has a smaller foot feel and is responsive. The Infinity Run 2 has a comfortable upper that is best for running with minimal turns due to the loose heel.

If you’re a runner looking for a versatile workhorse, the 1080v11 is for you. The 1080v11’s Fresh Foam X midsole provides just the right amount of cushioning for long and tempo runs without being too soft or too stiff. 1080v11 appears on a comfortable and safe dial, available in 4 different widths.