Hope you have a chance to enjoy the incredible “The Last Dance” documentary series about Michael Jordan. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, check out our previous post on the story behind Jordan becoming a basketball star and sneaker mogul. Today, Storepc is listing some great OG colorways on the Air Jordan 1 in this post for your reference.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Black/Red (“Bred” https://authentic-shoes.com/”Banned”)


The “Bred” colorway is probably best known for its stories of being “banned” by the NBA. The true story is a bit nuanced (it’s actually a pair of Air Ships), but it’s a saga that has done a lot of good for the Jordan brand from a marketing perspective. In addition, this is also known as the most OG version of all the OG shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Black-Red (‘Chicago’)


Released on September 15, 1985 with the “Bred” colorway, the “Chicago” colorway was worn on the court by Michael Jordan for much of the 1985 season. We don’t need to say much about this shoe. It’s because it’s awesome.

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Black/Red (“Black Toe”)


This is one of the fans’ favorite shoes, both in terms of rarity and aesthetics. Other than that, in our humble opinion, this shoe is also one of the best in design. The Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe’ has been retro several times over the years, and rumor has it that there will be a release in 2021 called the Hi ’85 ‘Black Toe’.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Black/Royal Blue (“Royal”)


While Michael Jordan never wore the Nike Air Jordan 1 Black/Royal Blue in the NBA, it is known to be Michael’s personal favorite color. He chose to wear the shoes for photo shoots at the airport, and it became an iconic poster for “The Flying Kid.” The Jordan 1 “Royal” last returned in 2017 as part of the “Flight Guy” series. Additionally, the popular OG version has been used over the years by celebrities like Slash, Guns ‘n Roses guitarist, and pro skateboarder Lance Mountain.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Black/Grey (“Shadow”)


Another pair with the same black sole as the “Royal” and “Bred” is the Air Jordan 1 “Shadow”. It’s so named because it looks like an unlit version of the other color schemes. Shadow is a sneaker favorite, and it’s been re-released a few times, the last time it was in 2018. Sophisticated, as you wish. Can’t blame people for loving this shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Natural Grey


Now we’re entering lesser-known territory. “Natural Grey,” sometimes incorrectly called “Neutral Grey,” was one of the least popular versions of the 1985 Jordan 1. As a result, these shoes are rarely kept by collectors, leaving only worn-out shoes. Plus, it’s the only shoe that’s never been retro, and many feel it’s time to go back!

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Blue (“Kentucky” https://authentic-shoes.com/”Storm Blue”)


This is another color scheme that is hard to find in the 1985 vintage. Plus, it’s a really nice colorway, a bit retro in 2016, and still sells for around $900. Singapore dollars on the resale market. All in all, “Storm Blue” is a shoe that not many people will recognize, but a true classic colorway.

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Black (“Panda”)


In late 2019, the retro Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Black debuted as “Twist,” but was nicknamed “Panda” for its horsehair color and texture. As far as we can remember and can check, the name “Panda” wasn’t mentioned before “Twist,” even though the OG “White/Black” came out way back in 2014.

Nike Air Jordan 1 White/Carolina Blue (‘UNC’)


UNC is one of the most striking OG colorways in our opinion. But the fact that “Carolina Blue” has had a truly memorable moment in the past 2 years may have something to do with it. In a prime example of how the hype partnership increases the value of the GR version, the 2015 Jordan 1 ‘UNC’ Retro resold for more than retail, but not until the end of 2018. Then it started to rise steadily, reaching a price of 2.6 times the retail price.

This article covers some great OG colorways on the Air Jordan 1, so stay tuned to Storepc for the latest sneaker updates.

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