Tinker Linn Hatfield is an American designer who has designed many Nike sneakers, from the Air Jordan 3 to the Air Jordan 15, and other sneakers, including the world’s first Nike Air trainer. Trainer, especially his Air Max series. Hatfield oversees Nike’s “innovative shoe.” He is the Vice President of Nike’s Special Design Programs. With numerous innovative designs and countless achievements over three decades, Hatfield is considered a legend in the design world.

When architect Tinker Hatfield became a sneaker designer, he started making some of the most famous Air Jordan designs in the late 1980s, and he was busy changing tennis shoe designs. Hatfield said: “One day Phil Knight walked into his office and asked: ‘Do you know who Andre Agassi is? Hatfield replied, “I don’t know. “Then they signed youngster Andre Agassi.

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Hartfield, who uses discoveries in the athletics world to improve on-court speed, stability and the concept of movement from the basketball line to tennis, relies heavily on feedback from his career, while also working best with the Stanford tennis team. of insight.

One of the most popular on-court models for tennis players in the late 1980s was Hatfield’s design, which was not designed for tennis or basketball, but to serve as the world’s first coach. Released in 1987, the Air Trainer 1 was designed to allow athletes to perform multiple workouts in one shoe without the need for multiple pairs of shoes. John McEnroe received a pair in 1986, when the shoes were scheduled to be released, and he wore them in competitions. Agassi used the Air Trainer 1 in 1988 when he signed with the brand.

The technology-driven concept developed in the 1990s, but also created powerful shoes, leading Hatfield to create what he calls the most underrated tennis sneaker: the Nike Zoom Vapor 9. Hatfield, who debuted and then designed on his iPad in 2012, worked with the Swiss superstar to cut the excess out of the design through a collaboration with another tennis legend, Roger Federer. Designed and created something more like a running shoe, but still has the strength and lock-in needed for tennis.

“Roger Federer is no longer a Nike athlete, but I’ve worked with him many times and he always says he wants a tennis shoe that’s more like a running shoe: lighter and more breathable,” Hatfield said. “A little more flexibility. “

Tinker Hatfield

From McEnroe bringing the Air Trainer 1 to life to eventually becoming a key part of Bo Jackson’s marketing for the Air Tech Challenge series led by Agassi, the Sampras-specific Air Oscillate Hatfield was launched in 1997 with the Zoom Vapor 9 release in 2012.

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