There’s no denying that the legendary Air Max shoe line of the early ’90s directly impacted Nike’s hip-hop culture, and each shoe has a story, a huge inspiration. Take to the streets and you can’t take your eyes off those red Air midsoles – it’s sleek, clean, and “infrared”! The Air Max 90 has become a hit from amateur collectors to real tops. However, there is no marketing story behind the Air Max 90 shoe, much like how its predecessor led people into the Air Max line, and the Nike Air Max 90 stands out. In this article, let’s find out interesting facts about the Air Max 90 Infrared with Storepc that you may not know!

Introduced in 1990 and crafted by “Shoe Wizard” Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 90 features a modern and rugged design inspired by the Air Max Light that launched a year earlier. air cushion. “Duromesh” provides runners with two sturdy fenders made of synthetic leather to provide ventilation for runners, the shoe still inherits the characteristics of its predecessor, such as the suede combined from the Air Max.1 upper Leather sections and flexible plastic inserts that help support the wearer and improve stability with Air Max Light.

Many people wondered – “Why the Air Max 1, then the 90, 93, 95, …?” In fact, the shoe wasn’t called the Air Max 90 when it launched, it was called the Air Max III, which was not changed back to the Air Max 90 until 2000, and has continued to use that name. One more fact about the Air Max 90 OG colorway, the shoe launched in a “Hyvent Orange” colorway, and in the legendary Black/Gray/Red Orange colorway, the first colorway brings it back. Name “Infrared”. It wasn’t until the “MX Orange” colorway in 2002 that the 2003 Retro officially stamped the “Infrared” name on the shoe, with later color schemes such as the “HOA Infrared” version of 2005 and the next retro version. .

In the development period called Nike’s guinea pig, the Air Max 90 has already had many different combinations. Instead of the pair of Vans Old Skool / Air Max 90 that caused headaches in Vietnam around 2012, Nike gave the Air Max 90 a Lunarlon sole. Usually the July 2014 “Moon Landing” colorway, Free Run sole. From the airbag cut to the toe cap, version 1/90, many autumn/winter versions of the boot, and most controversially, the 2006 90 “One Time Only” with Air 360 cushioning.

Perhaps the most successful pair of the Air Max 90 is its colorway. The “Infrared” name has been attached to the name of the shoe itself, and there’s an interesting fact about the Air Max 90 that the shoe looks prettier when worn in a great color scheme. The most recent is the return of the Viotech colorway, which released on the Nike Dunk Low in 2002 and was beloved by the Air Max 90 top, and going back further, “Bacon” was inspired by the familiar breakfast of “clerks” in 2004. size? The 2005-2006 “WarHawk” colorway was inspired by the 2007 WWII-era P-40 WarHawk fighter, Patta’s 2006 “Homegrown” collaboration, and the “America” ​​trilogy. Celebrating Independence Day in 2013, the Suit&Tie colorway was released the same year as GymRed in 2014. More specifically, Nike created a special edition “Air Pres” for President George W. Bush, who was deeply interested in pioneering culture, in a blue colorway with a small graphic of the American flag on the tongue.

Visually, the Nike Air Max 90 not only catches the eye of sneaker collectors, but also has a sense of style that makes it a must-have in any outfit.

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