Reebok’s original company was established in 1895 as a subsidiary of British parent company JWFoster & Sons. It was born out of the owner’s desire to make a separate pair of running shoes for his sons to race. In 1958, the company changed its name to Reebok, a transliteration of Rhebok, the name of an African antelope species. In 1979, Paul Fireman, then working in a US sporting goods distribution center, decided to invest in Reebok. He saw the company’s potential through the design and quality of the shoes Reebok brought to that year’s Chicago International Shoe Show, and firefighters quickly signed a deal to sell Reebok to the U.S. market. In the 1980s, Reebok occupied a 26% share of the US sports products market. In 2006, Adidas acquired Reebok with the ambition to expand its market share in North America and competed directly with Nike.

Since its founding in 1888, National Geographic has been at the heart of science, geography, history and world culture. Since its inception, it has continued to be published in 40 titles worldwide. Local language version. Throughout its history in publishing and television media, Nat Geo has been a source of inspiration and education—elements that go into its sneaker collaboration with Reebok. At the heart of the collection are five separate shoe releases inspired by global stories and natural wonders. To capture the essence of each sneaker and showcase them in the wild, Nat Geo teamed up with two explorers, Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant and Matthieu Paley.
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Coupled with their hard work and dedication to wildlife conservation, the couple’s love of nature is reflected in every color of the sneaker, with a unique QR code on the tongue echoing the immersive educational experience at the heart of Nat Geo . Each classic version – Club C 85, Club C Revenge Legacy, Classic Leather Legacy AZ, Floatride Energy 3 Adventure and Nano X1 Adventure – is directly inspired by natural habitats around the world. Available in green suede, sand beige leather, deposition brown and navy blue, the collection is a wearable adventure.

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Currently, there are also many places to sell Reebok shoes when consumer demand increases. From small to large, from cheap to high-end, from shoe stores to electronic websites, you can easily find them in shoe stores. However, if you decide to buy a really good pair of Reebok shoes, you should avoid shoes without a clear address as it doesn’t guarantee the quality of the shoes they sell you. Avoid being deceived. Also, there are a lot of fake Reebok shoes on the market, please be careful not to buy cheap high-end Reebok shoes at market stalls, and don’t wear inferior shoes because of “cheap ham”. Thicker products can make walking and exercising more difficult, especially for those who regularly exercise in shoes. You can buy all these new products at Storepc, the most prestigious store in Vietnam.

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