Fragrances have become familiar in life and are loved by many for their own use. Whether you are a man or a woman, perfume scents will make you more confident and charming. Using perfume is simple, but understanding how perfume smells is not easy. Today, every perfume scent has 3 different scent layers that change depending on how long it stays on the body. So why do fragrances have 3 layers? What fragrance groups are there in a perfume? The information shared below from Storepc will help you better understand this issue.

top notes of perfume

Top notes are the first scents you smell when you spray perfume on your skin. Top notes are the small, volatile molecules that form people’s first impression of a fragrance. Top notes usually don’t last long, disappearing in about 10-15 minutes. Popular fragrance top notes are orange, mandarin, berry or sweet floral notes.

middle notes of perfume

The middle note is considered to be the most important scent of a perfume. After the top notes are gone, the middle notes will stay on the skin. When buying a fragrance, feel the middle note carefully, as it is the main personality of the fragrance collection and expresses the right message that the fragrance wants to convey to the user. Middle notes are usually scents of rose, jasmine, lavender, etc. Middle notes are usually stored on a person for 3 to 6 hours depending on the type.

last perfume

The last note is usually the hardest to evaporate, and this layer usually has a strong smell and lingers on the body for a long time. The final scent lasts for a long time, but can only be felt by those who are in close contact. The final scent is usually wood, vanilla, leather, etc. The light scent can stay for up to 24 hours. When buying fragrances, in order to detect the last scent, you have to wait 30 minutes to an hour after spraying it on, before the last scent can be recognized.

Why do perfumes have 3 different scents?

Today, every perfume bottle comes with 3 layers of scent, whether liquid or wax. So why do perfumes have 3 layers of fragrance? In fact, a perfect perfume bottle must balance three layers of top, middle and base notes. A balanced mix of 3 notes is similar to a chord in a symphony. It all mixes and settles, creating a subtle fragrance.

When changing one of the 3 scent layers, it creates a whole new fragrance scent. Therefore, a fragrance needs to have 3 layers of incense to deliver a captivating, unforgettable scent when applied. At the same time, it also shows the unique characteristics of the brand.

popular fragrance groups

You already know why fragrances have 3 layers, right? The fragrance layer is made up of a mixture of fragrance groups. Some of the popular scent groups used in fragrances today include:

Fragrant group

Fresh scents are light and natural scents like citrus. The fragrance brings freshness and sweetness and can be used in any situation. The fresh fragrance group is suitable for people with personality, vitality and charm. If you still can’t imagine, you can refer to D&G Light Blue – a very classic representation. Considered by fans to be the best-selling summer fragrance of all time, Light Blue is the epitome of the collection.

floral group

Floral is the sweetest and most romantic scent, creating a natural feel. Floral notes are often used for top or middle notes. Floral scents can be signature scents or blended with floral scents to create more dramatic scents. The floral group is usually feminine and suitable for pure and gentle girls. Like a garden full of white flowers, Gucci Bloom is also known for its single floral composition.

fruity group

The fruity aroma is very pleasant and is often used in perfumes. Fruity notes are often used in middle notes because they are easy to mix with different scents and add appeal. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet exudes the characteristic aroma of mandarin, especially the sweetness of apricot and peach at the back, and is full of passion, perhaps there is nothing more suitable for the modern woman.

woody group

Woody notes often have sweet, earthy notes that are both charming and classic. Woody notes are often used in the base to increase the ability to hold the scent of the perfume. Some woody fragrances often used in perfumes such as sandalwood, patchouli, cedar wood, etc. Among them, Tom Ford Oud Wood must be very familiar to many of us, and even love it. With extracts of rare agarwood, we always find gentlemanly warmth and sophistication in this woody fragrance.
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