When it comes to all the retro models listed in the Jordan brand’s shoe inventory, most sneakerheads of this generation will tell you it’s the Air Jordan 1. And for the rest of this year, sportswear brand Beaverton intends to offer fans a host of new colorways, one of which is the recently released Air Jordan 1 High “Handcrafts” colorway. presently. Let’s have an overview of these upcoming shoes with Storepc.

su-gop-mat-sap-ra-mat-mang-ten-air-jordan-1-high-handcraftedOver the past few decades, the Air Jordan 1 has had a special ability to consistently deliver unique colors. It is one of those shoes that goes with any outfit. As a result, it remains one of Nike’s most consistently released flagship shoes in multiple colorways. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Jordan Brand has so many exciting releases planned for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Air Jordan 1 High “Handcrafted” heel and collar

su-gop-mat-sap-ra-mat-mang-ten-air-jordan-1-high-handcraftedThis upcoming design features a dichotomy of both earthy tones and colorful accents. The colored leather sections mostly rely on the former for styling like the “Archaeo Brown” of the smooth suede logo on the toe box. Other neutral tones are present on this product such as white that will be decorated in the uppers and mudguards, along with black Swooshes.

Air Jordan 1 High “Handcrafted” toe and tongue

su-gop-mat-sap-ra-mat-mang-ten-air-jordan-1-high-handcraftedThe heel accents are purple berry-like, while fluorescent orange is applied to the laces. Finally, the blue laces thread through the swing near the collar. These shoes have a fun DIY feel with the various colors patched in. The official color is listed as “Black / Archaeo Brown / Dark Chocolate”.

Currently, they are expected to launch in December 2021, but Nike has yet to confirm this.

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