In 2012, Rhuigi Villasenor designed a black and white bandana t-shirt. The 25-year-old LA-based designer said: “It was the first thing he created for Rhude, the brand he founded a year later, and the piece that helped create the brand. Villasenor said: “Kendrick Lamar wanted the t-shirt he made. It was a success at the time for his brand and then became more widely available.

But he ended up giving it to Lamar, who wore the black and red version to the BET Awards. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “It changed my life. With the encouragement of friends Chris Stamp and Guillermo Andrade, the designers of Stampd and 424, Villasenor also released the bandana t-shirt to the public. Before long, the Other brands have copied his designs. Since then, Rhude has built a solid fan base, the brand, which has expanded from t-shirts to a wide range of accessories as well as accessories. various clothing, is one of the high-fashion labels charged to date.

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It was worn by celebrities Big Sean, ASAP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Offset, Future, Bella Hadid and sold at dozens of best retailers, such as Barneys, SSENSE, Patron of the New, 424 and Union . From there, he started taking styling classes and assisting with styling for guys like Big Sean. At the age of 19, he interned for British menswear designer Shaun Samson. “At the time, Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo just said that he is an influential designer to date and has gradually spread to the whole world.

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If Rei Kawakubo calls him that then I have to pay attention,” he said. “Shaun taught me a lot about design.” Growing up, his family had very little money and he could not afford the clothes he wanted to wear. So he decided to make his own. “It’s hard to renew,” he said. “You have to create your own, start enhancing, or have to do something super special.” In 2013, he released the film Rhude. Rhude borrows from Villasenor’s personal stories and relationships. The moniker itself honors his family’s tradition of names beginning with “Rh.” Many collections are an extension of his feelings and experiences.

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The Spring 2016 “Sugarland” collection of ripped jeans, cigarette burn tees, and logo jackets was inspired by a breakup with a girl he spent a lot of time with in Texas. “I picture a kid trying to get out of a small city but not really knowing how to find a way out,” he explains. “The kid ends up joining the military, going back to PTSD, and getting lost.” This theme was included in Rhude’s “Electric Eather” and “Motorpsycho” Spring/Summer 2017 collections. “Electric Earth” will bounce back from that breakup, says Villasenor. “’Motorpsycho will be all right.” Rhude is still a relatively small operation, with only six full-time employees.

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But Villasenor has big plans for its brand. In a few weeks, he’ll be rolling out Rhude’s trendy sweatpants, which ASAP Rocky has been seen wearing. Later this year, he will expand the brand to include womenswear and footwear, as well as possibly a partnership with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label. “Me and Virgil are figuring something out,” he said. “It’s Off-White x Rhude.” He hopes to one day open a flagship store in Sugar Land, Texas, but another similar to Prada Marfa, a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset as well. in Texas. And don’t forget to update the latest information from Storepc.

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