Apples & Figs is a London-based online store dealing in jewelry with stunning designs yet affordable. Mine Arsay and Ezgi Turksoy Hamilton co-founders are not only graduates of Central St Martins College of Art and Design but are also sisters. It is clear from the unique collections that they have acquired from their travels around the world that the duo have worked well together and have achieved their vision of presenting items. Incredible and interesting jewelry. Let’s explore this new brand with Storepc.

What is the story behind Apples & Figs?

Mine Arsay and Ezgi Turksoy both studied at Central St Martins College of Art and Design; Coming from creative backgrounds, both are always hungry to express their vision. As sisters, Mine and Ezgi always wanted to create something together. Since childhood, they have been looking for a great idea to collaborate on, a project that can make us excited and inspired. Both of their childhood memories played an important role in the creation of Apples & Figs. Mine and Ezgi come from one of the most important cities in history, an ancient city famous for its gold and jewelry markets. Istanbul and the women of their childhood are a great source of inspiration.

Mine and Ezgi’s mother often throws large dinner parties where they will meet the most elegant, glamorous women with great charm. That sense of style and attitude made Apples & Figs. Apples & Figs is all about femininity, glamor, sophistication and elegance. What matters is not how much your jewelry costs, but how you can wear it. Mine Arsay and Ezgi Turksoy Hamilton started working on the project eight years ago and they launched APPLICESANDFIGS.COM in July 2015. Both believe online is the future of retail, however, they also say that personal interaction with your customers in the traditional sense is extremely important.

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Where did the name Apples & Figs come from?

Apples & Figs is inspired by the story of Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden. Two types of fruit represent all things seductive, feminine and poetic. The brand logo also depicts a gate that opens to a secret garden, a beautiful garden where you can immerse yourself and be inspired. Storytelling is an important element of the vision, and it was important for Mine and Ezgi to have a name with a relevant underlined story.

What the brand wants to achieve

Apples & Figs presents a carefully curated collection of jewelry for elegant, classy and hardworking women who don’t need to pay a fortune to look glamorous and stylish. The purpose of the brand is to present complete quality and value with a cheerful attitude to all the graceful and daring women out there. The brand’s ambition is to bring together exquisite jewelry and create a unique world that inspires customers.

Origin of jewelry collections

Not to a specific location or country, Mine Arsay and Ezgi Turksoy have traveled the world in search of Apples & Figs, with top quality and value added designs and ingenuity and sophistication in it.

Apples & Figs’ Future Expansion Plans

Although this is not a goal in the near future, Apples & Figs is working towards the dream of opening stores in London and Paris, where many high-end brands such as Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Chanel… Mine and Ezgi also has some plans in the near future about joining department stores in London and Paris.

Although Apples & Figs is still quite new, the brand is gradually gaining a foothold by constantly updating trendy but very unique jewelry models. Called “Oscar-worthy” by The Times, Apples & Figs has been a red carpet favorite, worn by many famous stars such as Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Naomie Harris .

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