In the footwear market, there are countless brands of handmade shoes such as at the beginning Adidas with its professional running shoes with leather soles and handmade spikes, or Golden Goose which specializes in selling high quality shoes. torn and dirty sneakers at sky-high prices. Those are some examples in the professionally manufactured footwear market. So when it comes to fashion brands, what do we have? Here, let Storepc reveal to you a handmade fashion brand specializing in women: Aje.

At the beginning

Founded in 2008 by the best friends of Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest, Aje is an Australian contemporary fashion brand dedicated to those who prefer a rustic, feminine beauty but still exuding a strong character. strong and pleasant coolness. As the pioneers of modern styles from the sea to the sophisticated Australian style, it is easy to find Aje’s signature mark in her elegant elegance but also easy to wear on many occasions. from big to small.

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The highly anticipated creations from the duo reflect the quintessence they have accumulated during their studies and their artistic excellence at the renowned Venetian School of Art, Liceo Artistico Venezia and at the leading fashion magazine. head, RUSSH. Based on a shared love of art, the like-minded couple dedicates each collection to each season, creating a unique artistic space like never before. A wave of fashion art that balances flexibility in application to life with femininity.

CRAFT by Aje

Design studio

At the heart of the design process, Aje’s handcrafted heritage is rooted in a steadfast love and preference for handcrafted production. Traditional techniques and craftsmanship reinforce Aje’s design qualities far more than other brands like Zara or H&M, with hand-drawn prints, natural craftsmanship, and raw edge finishes forming its soul. of each seasonal collection. The design process begins with an intricate sketch, before Aje Design Studio handcrafts other elaborate accessories for consideration before the final pieces are created with the utmost love and care. . The prints are hand-painted with a range of tools including watercolor and acrylic on canvas before being converted to digital, as are embellished works, with each sequin section carefully stitched with Hands from artisans.

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Aje is renowned for its many unique design details, from the distinctive hand-molded hardware and contrast stitching to the logo detailing, fine beading creates a finished version. Constantly seeking novelty, the team experimented with Aje’s signature use of volume and proportion, tailoring and fabrication to honor the brand’s heritage, while evolving it forever into the future. future.

Carbon8 - Aje Seasonal Window Display

Intensive service

The stylists team across Aje stores in Australia, New Zealand and online at, are trained to provide an experience where Aje customers can capture the brand’s unique style in a way. . The collections are uniquely presented to customers as they receive one to one service in finding an outfit that is unique to them. With Aje’s extensive collections of apparel, accessories and jewelry, the team is able to create complete individual styles carefully designed for each client.

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