Kanye West worked with Adidas for many years to create and distribute his Yeezy collection. However, why among countless popular collabs between the two sides, it seems that there is a close relationship, but there is still such a fierce enmity? Let’s explore with Storepc the outstanding issues in this melee.

Kanye West’s difference in thinking and creativity with Adidas continues to be reinforced more clearly. The rapper used Instagram to express his displeasure over his working relationship with the brand – or the lack of it. He is also deleting social media posts, as has been his trend in recent months. West has worked closely with Adidas for many years for his Yeezy brand. Until the end of the year, however, West doesn’t have much good to say about the sports company that plays host to his line. But Adidas has yet to respond to a request for comment from the public. Here’s everything you need to know about West’s ongoing drama with Adidas.

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How did Kanye West’s recent form with Adidas begin?

In May, Adidas released its Adilette 22, which bears a little resemblance to West’s Yeezy slides. So the rapper took to Instagram on June 13 to call for a clear move from the brand, according to Highsnobiety. West is said to have said in a now-deleted caption that the slides were “a fake YEEZY made by adidas itself.” Shocking isn’t it? “I don’t support this blatant copying anymore,” West continued, according to Highsnobiety, taking aim at Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted. “This is for all those who want to express themselves but feel they can’t afford to lose their partnership… These shoes show a lack of respect for those who contributed brains to this idea. .” Slide Adilette and West’s Yeezy also appear similar. Both are at the same price point and are both chunky sandals in neutral tones. Adidas did not address the issue of similarity between the two lines.

Kanye West continues to accuse Adidas of letting him out of plans involving Yeezy

At the beginning of August every year since 2019, Adidas celebrates Yeezy Day. This year, however, West contacted Complex to say he was not made public about the date. He wrote in the DM for the store, “Adidas came up with the Yeezy Day idea without my approval,” adding that the company has re-released older Yeezy styles, adding color and appeal. new employee specifically for the brand without consulting him.

Kanye West continues to want a talk with the CEO at Adidas

In early September, West again took to Instagram to appeal to top Adidas executives, accusing them of stealing his ideas and causing him to leave important meetings related to the company. products and plans. “Dear adidas creative director Alasdhair Willis, how can you watch adidas do what they did with a co-creator and not say anything and never even see me or call me ? Why do I have to talk about this in public?” West wrote on Instagram and was later deleted, according to Page Six. However, just a few hours later, West returned to Instagram to ask his fans to stop spreading memes of Alasdhair Willis. “Please take down any Alasdhair memes. I believe this is a nice guy and he will really call me and really help me out,” he wrote, which he later deleted.

Kanye West accuses Adidas of making Yeezy design decisions without him

Also in a now-deleted post, according to Okayplayer, West wrote, “The fact that adidas feels that they can color my shoes and name them without my approval is truly a myth. I’m really interested in building something that changes the world and something that I can leave my children with. They tried to buy me for $1 billion. My royalties alone for the next year are already spent. it’s $500 million already.” West also reported social media attacks on Adidas SVP Daniel Cherry III and other members of JP Morgan & Chase and Adidas executives.

Celebrities are defending Kanye West in a brawl

Amid West’s rampage with Adidas, some of his celebrity friends have stood by his side to show support and even boycott the sports brand. In particular, West is getting support from other Black celebrities. Rapper TI took to Instagram on September 6 with a photo of one of Adidas’ sneakers that resembles a pair of Yeezy sneakers. A red “X” was drawn over the photo and TI wrote in the caption, “@addidas this WHACK AF!!! I STAND WIT Ye’!!!! That’s right….it’s not.”

Swizz Beatz also shared the photo on Instagram on September 6 with a similar message. He wrote, “I’m usually preoccupied with my business but this is DEATH! If we let them do this to @kanyewest it will happen to us too! This man created it! out for groundbreaking innovation and it needs to be respected like a true creator YE just asks that his work be respected and not stolen which is not crazy to me! We don’t buy these!!!!!!!!!!!! @adidas you’re supposed to be original, then do the right thing!!!”

Also on September 6, Diddy shared a screenshot on Instagram of a text conversation he allegedly had with West in which he asked him how he could help with the incident. this problem. He also shared the same crossed-out shoe photo. He wrote, “Since the days of Run-DMC, @Adidas has always used Hip Hop to build his brand and generate billions of dollars from our culture. BUT NOW WE ARE JUST PEOPLE CONSUMER SHOULD NOT SAY MORE, WE ARE THE OWNER @KanyeWest and YEEZY is the reason Adidas is involved in this age-old culture WE KNOW OUR VALUE! of Adidas until they cause this!! We have to support each other!! Everyone please repost this!!!”

Kanye West Rips Adidas For Yeezy Day, I Didn't Approve!

Adidas has not publicly acknowledged its feud with West. However, West posted on social media this week that Adidas “didn’t want no more smoke.” In the now-disappeared post, West promises that Gap, with whom he also has a partnership, will be next on his list.

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