The TURBODRK Chuck 70 marked a special collaboration between Rick Owens and the Converse brand with the familiar retro sneaker, officially released in the summer of 2021. Now, this design has returned to the look. looks fresher, more polished and looks extremely eye-catching. Let’s take a closer look at these shoes with Storepc.

The main standout feature is the square foot construction, which was first used on the Chuck 70. The square toecap refers to the characteristics Owens brought to the collaboration – described as “squeeze.” distortion of popularity” – continued to the extended blade. This construction is used on versions of both the Hi and Ox cuts, while each version is available in classic black or white fabric colors. Owens discussed the design, saying, “I’ve introduced square-soled boots in previous seasons.”

“Deforming the iconic Converse toe into this shape drew it into my current world.” Moving on, Owens added that his desire to “distort” comes from “an impulsive teenage attitude that I allow myself to indulge in perhaps more than I should.” The designer also added that the collaboration was inspired by his desire to “emphasize the extreme transgression that black and white Chuck 70s always imply.”

The TURBODRK Chuck 70 also closes a circle for Owens, starting with the DRKSHDW Ramones sneaker from Spring/Summer 2014, inspired by the classic Converse silhouette. “Getting ideas from Converse in the past, I seem to be drawn to it up close,” added Owens.

In addition to the Chuck 70 remake, he’s also worked with Champion, Dr. Martens and Birkenstock. “I will immerse myself in the social environment in a new way by aligning myself with a global brand like Converse,” he explains of his collaborations. “This may allow me to share my enthusiasm for a more tolerant and inclusive personal aesthetic with more people.

This year Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70 is back with more outstanding details. The shoes are molded in high-gloss polished denim. Still featuring the same eye-catching details including the signature elongated tongue and square toe inspired by Owens boots, the new shoe features a premium black hi-top and silver Ox low-cut. . Completing the shoe is a co-branded tongue tag and soleplate.

Along with the updated shoes are two new Mini Go Lo backpacks that come in black and white pelican. The backpack’s details include the Rick Owens star logo, Converse carabiner, Converse logo and an adjustable strap. The Rick Owens DRKSDHW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70 and accompanying backpack will officially release Tuesday, July 12 on Converse’s website, Rick Owen’s website, and in Rick Owens stores.

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