If you are a sportswear lover, you must have heard the name of Reebok. This is a brand from the UK and although owned by Adidas since 2005, Reebok still has a large loyal customer base thanks to its unique product design. More specifically, Reebok holds an impressive line of sneakers associated with Pump technology and has confirmed its quality through many classic models such as Instapump Fury, Z Pump Fusion or Pump Supreme. In this article, let’s learn about this classic technology with Storepc!

About Reebok Pump shoe technology

Pump is a product of the Reebok product research team in 1986, this technology takes advantage of a small pump button on the tongue of the shoe to pump air into a system of vertically sewn bags running throughout the shoe body, when sucked. slightly inside, the shoes will automatically fit the user’s foot. The appearance of Pump gave Reebok a new position when it invented the shoe without laces.

The superiority of Pump technology

Although each pair of sports shoes has many different sizes so that buyers can choose according to their foot size, this is still limited because the shape of each person’s foot is different. , so it’s impossible to create a shoe that fits all of us. But engineer Paul Litchfield from Reebok has found the formula to solve this problem.

By taking advantage of the inflatable design of the airbag placed in the shoe, Reebok really made customers remember him when he launched the first genuine shoes with Pump technology in 1989. The highlight of the button The cover on the tongue of the Reebok Pump shoe creates a signature brand signature, the use of compressed air to support the foot makes everyone feel comfortable when putting on shoes and doing physical activities, creating a sensation. fever in the sports world and associated with the image of genuine Reebok sneaker until now.

The classic look that can’t be found anywhere almost makes Pump the technology that makes Reebok’s name. Like when it comes to Nike’s Air Jordan, we have adidas’ Ultraboost.

A few versions of Reebok Instapump not to be missed

This is a collab version of the popular Reebok Instapump Fury, the product still retains its aggressive shape with bold cuts and eye-catching color schemes at first glance. Practical experiences show that the Instapump Fury Og provides a comfortable on-foot experience, Pump technology allows users to inflate until it feels most comfortable and suitable.

Reebok Z Pump Fusion

Z Pump Fusion brings a sense of elegance and flexibility when viewed from the outside, the Reebok Z Pump Fusion version was first released in 2015 and has never stopped being hot since that time.

Reebok Pump Supreme

Pump Supreme can be considered as the most famous Reebok Pump collab shoe, most sought after by sneakerheads because of its trendy design and neat slim-fit design. The fashion style of Reebok Pump Supreme is clearly shown, the product is very popular with fashionistas thanks to its versatility.

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