To recreate the most recognizable designs across Adidas’ extensive lineup, LEGO continues to collaborate with the sportswear giant to release a pair of LEGO-inspired superstars as well as a model. Timeless LEGO DIY figures.


These sneakers are crafted from premium leather in a classic black and white colorway. As close to a LEGO model as possible, the shoe’s design is crafted with the signature dangling puzzle aesthetic through the iconic Three-Stripes logo, toe and heel tabs.

Lego Tailor

Designed by Florian Müller, this unique collection highlights key elements of both brands’ design DNA, combining adidas’ athletic heritage with iconic LEGO bricks. Built from the sole up, the shoe measures 12cm high, 27cm long and 9cm wide, shrinking to the size of a real sneaker.

Lego Tailor

As with previous collaborative collections, adidas Originals and LEGO have partnered with six creators to customize their own sneakers and celebrate the collaborative spirit. Join Storepc in a conversation with Japanese artist COFFEE BOY to analyze his version and how he translates the coffee aesthetic into shoes and what Superstar means.

What’s your favorite part of this model and the concept of the “Super Steam Star”?

Lego Tailor

I love how they perfectly reproduce the Superstar’s signature cute toe cap, and the laces are real. The concept is a happy face looking at coffee through steam. I design the happiness of everyday life like you put on your shoes or go out for a cup of coffee.

Tell us about your Super Steam Star modeling process?

Lego Tailor

I’ve never designed shoes before, so I’m wondering where to start. Since I work on coffee, I want to be coffee themed. I immediately came up with the idea of ​​styling with steam and black coffee, but the design didn’t look all that interesting. Finally, I took off the shoes I was wearing at the time (adidas Stan Smith) and started seeing and feeling from a different angle. Then I came up with the idea of ​​sticky shoes. I cut a few sheets of paper into circles, drew the eyes, and placed them myself. The shoes come to life like a cartoon character, I think so! That’s how the Super Steam Star was born.

How are LEGO bricks different from other art mediums?

Lego Tailor

Since I usually work with paper, the use of hard Lego blocks, lines, three-dimensional effects and the depth created by stacking them together is unique.

What was the most challenging part about integrating your artwork into a pair of LEGO bricks?

Lego Tailor

Instead of using pencils to draw illustrations on Lego blocks, I had to make the blocks look like I drew them. Not sure how many curves, like billowing steam and round eyes, could be recreated as LEGO bricks. As a result, the LEGO designers knew my intentions very well and created a wonderful ending that was beyond my imagination.

Here’s an introductory article on Lego and Adidas reuniting to bridge the gap between toys and sneakers. Stay tuned to Storepc for updates on the latest fashion trends and Sneaker footwear news.

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