Do you own a few bottles of perfume or own an entire fragrance collection, but do you know how to store it properly? Whether it’s a man or a woman, we can’t ignore the appeal of perfume as an “invisible weapon”. To create mesmerizing scents, perfumers and scent experts conduct tireless research and testing, bringing a different scent to each bottle. But it would be a shame if the original fragrance was accidentally affected in the process of using the perfume. The following article Storepc will help you better understand how to preserve your own perfume bottle.

Factors Affecting Perfume Smell

Perfume bottles with luxurious value are always a must-have for stylish ladies and elegant men. From Tom Ford Oud Wood with its signature woody scent to Gucci Bloom with its delicate white floral scent, to early fragrances like Chanel No.5. They all have our full attention, but they have a lot of capacity, and they last a long time. There are many factors that affect fragrance, such as:


Standard conditions for optimal perfume storage are 20-25⁰C, which is room temperature. Avoid the effects of sudden changes in fragrance temperature. Suggestions like wardrobes, dresser drawers or closed boxes with lids will be places to help you store your best fragrance.

usage habit

In addition to temperature and environmental factors, proper usage and storage habits are equally important. People with bad habits can greatly affect the scent of a perfume.


Perfume is a luxury accessory, so we often tend to place them in well-lit areas or near the bathtub to show off their beauty. But the truth is, the best way to preserve perfume is to avoid environmental influences like bright light and high humidity.

A simple and effective method of perfume preservation

If you want your fragrance to last longer, don’t ignore the storage tips below.

Do not leave perfume in places with high heat

A room with lots of cool windows for sun exposure will be the choice for most people. Hot sunlight helps kill bacteria and mold in your home, but cosmetics and fragrances are very sensitive to heat. Leaving perfume in high heat can damage the perfume’s molecular structure, causing your expensive perfume bottle to lose its scent, longevity, and possibly even unpleasant metamorphosis.

Summers in Vietnam are usually hot with highs of 39⁰C. While at home, you can use a fan or air conditioner to cool the space and keep your perfume at a constant temperature, but sometimes you forget to go to work all day and turn off all your equipment. After cooling, your precious perfume bottle will be affected by the ambient temperature Impact. Due to this characteristic, we must always take care to store fragrances in a cool place.

Do not put perfume in the bathroom, where the humidity is high

A lot of people have the habit of spraying perfume right after the shower to keep their body fresh, which is why they put perfume in the bathroom. This is convenient for busy people, but doing so will ruin your fragrance in the long run. Bathrooms are often places with high humidity, ideal for bacteria and mold to grow. You don’t want an expensive perfume bottle to be a breeding ground for bacteria, right!

Avoid placing perfume near windows or places with strong light

Have you ever wondered why there are so many perfume bottles, all of which are painted with a layer of color, so that you can’t see the color of the perfume solution inside, and how much perfume is left? Aside from creating impressive designs, the main purpose is to protect the fragrance from light. Sunlight will be able to change the structure of the perfume, which can lead to changes in the scent. The paint on the bottle will keep the fragrance in the dark, which is ideal for the fragrance to keep the scent the manufacturer wants.

For perfume bottles with clear glass lids, keep the perfume away from sunlight or places where the lights are too bright.

keep the perfume box

Each perfume bottle comes with a matching box. Don’t be in a rush to throw away that cute box, you should keep your fragrances in the box when you rarely use them. This way, you can both protect the fragrance from light, dirt, moisture, etc., as well as from shocks that can damage the fragrance.Limiting fragrance exposure to oxygen also helps prevent fragrance oxidation and fading

Don’t shake the perfume too hard

Shaking the solution before application sounds reasonable, but not for fragrances. When creating fragrances, experts mix scents in perfect proportions to ensure that the solution is always homogeneous. Shaking the perfume vigorously during use will not help the perfume stick to spread more evenly, but will affect the intended composition of the composition.

Cover the lid after use and clean the dust regularly

Sometimes you forget to close your perfume bottle cap after use because of what’s going on, which will create the conditions for oxygen and dirt to come into contact with your perfume solution. Don’t let careless time ruin your precious perfume bottle!

Should perfume be stored in the refrigerator?

This is a question that still doesn’t have an exact answer, as it depends on the fragrance and the environment in the refrigerator. Many people think that perfume, like cosmetics, should also be stored in the refrigerator, which will bring a cool feeling when using it. There’s no research proving this is the wrong way to preserve it, but it also doesn’t help preserve perfume better. The refrigerator is where fresh and processed food is stored, and if not cleaned regularly, the refrigerator can contain a lot of bacteria. Also, the humidity and steam in the refrigerator are not good for perfume.

Expensive fragrances with high concentrations of essential oils, such as parfum, esprit de parfum, and eau de parfum, are most sensitive to excessively high or low temperatures, such as refrigerators. Therefore, you should think about it before storing them in the refrigerator. If you also want to keep perfumes with a low concentration of essential oils like eau de toilette, cologne, and body spray in the refrigerator, you should invest in a good quality mini-refrigerator to prevent bacteria from multiplying into perfumes.
Perfume or essential oils are delicate mixtures in perfect proportions with aromatic essential oils extracted from many different sources of ingredients, flavors (smell) and solvents. If the perfumer is an artist, the person who uses and knows how to preserve it is also an artist, because of the maturity, understanding and meticulousness of each stage.

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