Currently, there are many companies and fashion brands operating on a large scale across the country. Not inferior to popular global brands, domestic fashion brands are still maintaining a prominent competitive position. Here, let’s take a look at the 10 biggest brands with Storepc in Vietnam.

1. Europe Fashion and Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Au Chau Fashion and Cosmetics Company Limited, also known in English as Au Chau Fashion and Cosmetics Company Limited – ACFC for short – was established in 2009. ACFC is the exclusive distributor of many brands. well known as Nike, Mango, Calvin Klein… ACFC is one of the largest companies in Vietnam with 210 stores nationwide. The company has made a name for itself after more than 11 years since its establishment and development, this is the favorite destination of many brand enthusiasts.


SIXDO is the passionate son of designer Do Manh Cuong, one of the prestigious brands favored by many Vietnamese artists. The designs of the brand are aimed at all members of the family, mainly women, but still remain trendy at an affordable price. It is not difficult to see famous artists such as Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Tang Thanh Ha, supermodel Xuan Lan wearing SIXDO outfits in popular events, the brand honors the beauty of women through each design. elegant, feminine.


Referring to luxury fashion locations for women, many people will immediately think of IVY MODA. The brand’s designs bring a modern, confident look to customers. Not only focusing on product quality, IVY MODA also builds a professional image with other services as well as ingenious marketing strategies.


Up to the present time, MAISON has been present and developed in the fashion field for more than 16 years. The company is leading in the distribution of a wide range of international luxury fashion items, including prominent brands such as MLB, Puma, Coach… skip.

5. Gumac

Gumac is seen as a phenomenon in the list of Vietnamese fashion brands. Not only concentrated in big cities, Gumac’s distribution system also covers the coastal areas and the Central Highlands. The company’s products are cheap but quality, regular promotions are the key to convincing customers to choose to buy Gumac products. If you prefer casual office wear, simple elegant dresses, then Gumac will be the ideal choice for you to visit.


Familiar with diverse designs in many styles from office to street, GUMAC wins the favor of customers by offering high quality in each product at an affordable price. Although newly established in 2015, GUMAC has constantly affirmed its position when building 90 showrooms nationwide, successfully on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada…

7. Owen

Owen is one of the most famous fashion brands in Vietnam today. This brand belongs to the joint stock company “Kowil Fashion Vietnam”. Although it just entered the market in 2008, Owen has been loved by many consumers, chosen by its rich variety of colors, beautiful standard design, good quality and durability, giving users confidence. Elegant but no less masculine. Launched in 2008, Owen Men’s Fashion Brand has a wide distribution network throughout the provinces and cities nationwide, with nearly 1,000 points including agents and retail stores.

8. PT2000

Surely the name PT2000 is too familiar to young Vietnamese people. Not only bringing models with affordable prices, but the company also always updates the latest trends in each of its products. The brand is attractive by trendy, youthful and dynamic items that you should not ignore.

9. Vascara

Vascara is a pioneering Vietnamese brand in the fashion handbag market for women. This Vietnamese fashion company takes good care of customers in the shopping experience, not inferior to global brands in the fashion accessories market. Professionalism, dedication, good quality make many people think this is an international brand. In addition to investing in product quality, the Vascara store system is also decorated very classy and beautiful to optimize the process of choosing and buying products for customers.

10. Hai Trieu Clock

Besides clothes, watches are also items that many people are interested in. Established in 1991, Hai Trieu Watches is a watch distributor of more than 25 famous brands in the world, including Switzerland, Japan, USA… and a place to shop for quality and prestigious watches. of all customers nationwide.

Vietnam’s fashion market is still developing with many brands owning quality product lines that are diverse in designs, models as well as reasonable prices, satisfying the majority of customers.

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