Having said that, 2022 is a year when everything compared to the global pandemic, catastrophic catastrophe, social unrest, and divisive political elections, is completely unusual. We all use our phones a lot, watching the news of these events as they pop up on the screen right in front of our eyes. Online transactions skyrocketed at unpredictable rates and “Add to Cart” became a form of therapy for many. Meanwhile, the restaurant and service industries have dealt a fatal blow as new bistros and decades-old institutions have been forced to retire early.


While society still has many difficulties, it is hard to ignore that 2022 is an extremely solid year for sneakers. It is anticipated to be multi-ages, considering the number of main storylines expected to unfold. The Olympic Games continue to be a period of opportunity for industry leaders to flex their latest innovations, and the need for more revival means every brand has a chance. good association. The collaboration has reached far and wide with its breadth extending beyond boutiques and individual designers to couture houses.

So, as a bit of a recap of the athletic shoe year, AS has compiled a list of the top 10 sneakers for 2021. A wide range of criteria, including cultural impact, demand, and pure aesthetics was considered, as well as some factors that really separate the best from the rest. Of course, there are more than ten pairs of sneakers that really deserve attention for their own reasons, so AS also added to the list with some “honorable mentions” by selected team members. Staff. Let’s find out with Storepc about 10 outstanding shoes in 2021:

10. KANGHYUK x Reebok Premier Road Modern

Reebok is once again flexing their tastes in collaborative partners in 2020. A major highlight is this iconic red-and-white iteration by Korean designer KANGHYUK, created as a Part of the car-themed “Car Part” series. A lot of praise must go to Evan Belforti, Reebok’s extremely talented footwear designer who has worked on some of the most imaginative yet realistic exceptional projects in recent memory.


9. Nike Space Hippie 03

When Nike announced the “Move to Zero” campaign, there was an emphasis on reducing the company’s carbon footprint across workspaces and supply chains. Those sustained efforts led to the Space Hippie series; Introduced as a “transformed trash can”, the collection introduces Space Yarn and Crater Foam materials, with the 03 model striking without objection.

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8. Kasina x Nike Dunk Low Kasina

Korea has played a key role in Dunk’s rebirth, bringing back the sneaker store’s heartfelt POV of the design that was once an artifact of the collaboration. Inspired by its roots in Busan and its expansion across the peninsula, Kasina has performed not one but two iterations unique to this country.


7. Casablanca x New Balance 327

There’s no denying that New Balance is entering the new decade with some unprecedented momentum on the retro front, but what has surprised many sneaker enthusiasts is the refreshed New Balance 327 with the aided by Charaf Tajer’s signature Casablanca, the 1970s-inspired Coach is credited with helping to create the green and orange hues on a digital mood board.

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6. Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low

Travis Scott’s name alone catches your attention. The artist never fails to deliver on his Midas touch, causing an uproar on drive-thrus and 144hz monitors alike. While 2020 is undoubtedly a big, eventful year for La Flame, one piece stands out above the rest: his Nike SB Dunk. With its wearable design, patchwork textures and playful use of details, this product has raised the bar for not only Dunk itself, but collaborations in general.


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