Nike SB officially launches the fruit-inspired Dunk colorway

The original Nike Dunk design was heavily inspired by sneakers, primarily the Air Force 1. The result was a stripped-down version of chunky basketball shoes. life. However, unlike the Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1, the Nike Dunk is more colorful with a series of different colorways that are constantly being released.

A large number of new colorways are being rolled out by Nike and its popular SB sub-label this year, and a handful of the versions that will hit shelves in the near future will be collections inspired by Nike. from Dunk’s fruit. Currently, two variants have been officially released by Swoosh, the Nike SB Dunk High “Pineapple” and the Nike SB Dunk Low “Cherry”, both prepared in beautiful color palettes. Today, let’s explore with Storepc about these two very unique versions of sports shoes.

The upper part of the “Pineapple” colorway will be done with different shades of yellow. Suede overlays come out in a bold gold tone, and parts like the toe box and Nike Swoosh logos are finished in pale yellow. In addition, the cheekbones and collar will be styled with a bit more pale yellow to show the actual look of the fruit. Furthermore, the pull tabs will be green while the crown and pineapple images will appear inside the uvula with different eccentric facial expressions.

The “Cherry” color scheme takes a much darker tone approach. More saturated reds reminiscent of the Maraschino cherries you’ll find in your local milkshakes appear on the toe box, midfoot, and collar while burgundy pops up on the laces. and suede coating. Like its release counterpart, the cherry-inspired visuals also appear on the inside of the tongue to speak for its elegant motif.

No release date has been announced for each pair yet but chances are shoe stores will release these soon.

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