Air Jordan 1 “Rebellionaire” to be released in the US on March 19

Back in October 2021, sneaker fans got their first look at the Air Jordan 1 version called “Rebellionaire” – a colorway that accepts the infamous “ban” that the NBA placed on a pair of shoes. branded the specific swoosh that Michael Jordan wore in 1984. While the initial reception of the style wasn’t the most positive, it turned the game around with collectors old and new both praising it. NIKE’s new spin on a decades-old story.

Ahead of the release of this release overseas on March 12, word has circulated that the shoe will not be released through Nike SNKRS. Additionally, the release of the “Rebellionaire” is reported to be a lot more limited than some of the other popular Jordan shoe models over the past three years. Today, let’s explore with Storepc about these very special sneakers.

As for its presentation, this style takes on the classic Air Jordan 1 High “Shadow” colorway as the toe box, ankle, toecap, and heel overlay all use gray tones while the neckline. The shoe, insoles, tongue, “ball and wings” logo and inlays are all covered in black tones.

Perhaps the most appealing element of this Air Jordan 1 release, however, are the additional details such as the words “They Can’t Stop You From Wearing Them” – an exact phrase that appears in the advertisement. Repeatedly written on the upper with a prominent red “X” on the heel to further elaborate on the aforementioned point and really repeat the “Banned” theme

Enjoy the images of the “Rebellionaire” Jordan 1 above and wait to try your luck with a pair on March 19, priced at $170 USD each.
The Air Jordan 1 “Rebellionaire” will be released in the US on March 19. Stay tuned to Storepc for the latest updates on fashion trends and sneakers.

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